Summer Fashion Trends

Summer Fashion Trends

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Summer Fashion Trends
is upon us. The sun is getting stronger, and the thermostat is creeping higher. This means a big change in fashion and your wardrobe. Shedding off the stuffy coats and long-sleeves of a chilly spring is a welcome change. Summer fashion trends are fantastic this year, and there are many easy to incorporate trends that you should be aware of to stay on point with the best clothing options of the season.

Casual Wedges

Wedges are everywhere, and a cute pattern or print is all you need. They are easy to walk in too.

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Look for tiny floral prints or neon colors. Bows and studs are also a majorly trendy applique that is seen on wedge shoes, even on some of the most comfortable shoes for men. Wear them with jeans or a skirt. You can’t go wrong either way.

Native American Prints

These southwestern inspired prints stem from the Native American tribes located in New Mexico and Arizona. There are lots of warm and bright colors, geometric patterns and feathers. Turquoise stones or replicas are also showing up for clothing and accessories. To be on trend this summer, pick a piece or two that has bright southwestern stripes or zig-zags.

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You don’t want your entire summer wardrobe focused on this style though. Funky shorts or a tank top will be enough, and you won’t look like you are trying too hard.

Crop Tops

Cropped shirts with or without something underneath are all the rage.

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This can be hard to pull off if you have back acne, so check out to find products for clearing up embarrassing acne. Crop tops are cool no matter what print or color they are, but you may want to go for bright neon colors to stay on trend.

Over-sized Floppy Hats

Floppy hats are a must have, but they are actually making a big comeback this summer as a hot fashion trend. They protect you from the burning sun on the beach, but they also look effortlessly chic and charming on anyone.

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To spice things up, pick a hat with a vibrant color or a bow accent. No one looks bad in a floppy hat, and they are super functional too.


Summer trends are supposed to be fun and carefree. Don’t inhibit yourself. Wear what makes you happy, but don’t go overboard with too many trends at once. This will make it seem like you are trying too hard, and no one wants to be seen as a poser.