Feng Shui Bathroom Tips

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According to the ancient Chinese practice, feng shui, everything in a person’s surrounding environment affects his or her inner life. Namely, the practitioners believe that if you place a certain object in a room or a building, it will affect the flow of essential energy, called chi, within that space. With the good chi flowing comes more positive energy. According to the practitioners, bathrooms also drain or flush away the positive energy of your home, so you must follow certain rules in order to have a good energy flow in your bathroom and your home.

What to Do

It’s essential that you keep the bathroom door closed, because this will easily uplift the energy in the bathroom. The toilet lid should also be always closed in order to prevent the positive energy to go down the drain. If you have torn or slightly damaged curtains, be sure to replace them with the new ones and achieve the good energy in the room.

Keeping the bathroom clean and fresh will allow the energy to circulate properly. Candles, soothing artwork and flowers would be a great addition to the room, because it will create a spa-like atmosphere. Letting the fresh air in the bathroom along with plenty of sunlight is also one of the things that will help positive energy fill the room. Since bathrooms have a lot of water, adding a few earth elements would provide a perfect balance. Therefore, paint the walls in gold, yellow or taupe shades.

The bathroom that’s positioned in the northeast should contain a metallic wind chime. Additionally, place some gold, silver or grey rugs in the room as well. It would be best if they’re circular in shape. For the south bathroom, a crystal ball in the window of the bathroom is the key element. It’s essential that you clean the ball regularly, so that all the negative energy that’s absorbed can be removed. A chocolate brown, pink, or yellow square shaped rug is a great decorative item in the south bathroom.

Green is the key colour for bathrooms that are placed in the north. Therefore, make sure you have lush green houseplants alongside bathroom supplies inside the room. A rug in any green shade would look amazing in this bathroom. East or southeast bathroom requires glitter lamps. For those who’re not so fond of them, candles are the best alternative. Triangular red rugs are the key element in east and southeast bathrooms. West or northwest bathrooms shouldn’t be left without an urn with water. Add a wavy shaped rug in a blue shade to enable an easy energy flow.

What to Avoid

Get rid of all the clutter as soon as possible. Additionally, in order to minimize the dirty energy, make sure that the mirror doesn’t reflect the toilet, any clutter, door, or another mirror. Also, don’t forget to clean mirrors, and make sure that the mirror doesn’t cut off the head of a person when they’re trying to look at it. Replace leaking taps and faucets to prevent the money from going down the drain. If you have any broken shampoo bottles or soap dispensers, be sure to replace them with new ones, so you don’t end up with negative energy in the bathroom. If it’s possible, prevent the bathroom door from facing dining room, kitchen or bedroom. Finally, don’t leave the bathroom door open if the front door is right across the bathroom. This will flush the positive chi down the drain.

Overall, maintaining a good energy flow is crucial with feng shui. It won’t take much time and effort, and it will bring excellent results. Therefore, follow the previous suggestions and never worry about health or money problems.