How To Find Hunting Vests For Women

Blond Woman Hunting with Dog

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Blond Woman Hunting with Dog

Hunting is a unique hobby or sport for both men and women which can be challenging yet rewarding as well. But prior to that, you need to know that this hobby may be quite expensive since you need to purchase a good gun, hunting gear which includes clothes and the hunting vest. How to find hunting vests? That is one of the first questions you need to ask yourself before you get into this hobby. How you can choose the proper clothes or outfit really depends on what type of a hunter are you.

Hunting Vest

1. Camouflage Hunting

As a hunter, you will normally find vests which will be the best camouflage to make you invisible to the animals. According to science, human vision is way different from the animals. Deer are one of the most common animals that hunters hunt. Their eyesight is more blurry than humans. Some other animals have a different color vision and they cannot see red tones. So, it is better to choose camouflage hunting vest which the colors in the pattern match to the area you are hunting in.

2. Bird Hunting

Bird hunters are lucky since the hunting season usually extends throughout the whole year. So, you have to check hunting vests for winter, spring, summer, and fall. Birds are species that easily get frightened so it is very important to be very careful in choosing a specific clothing or vest
prior to hunting. Birds have a very good eye sight so you have to find a vest with a very good camouflage with prints that are designed to blend in the setting that you are in. When hunting in winter or colder weather, you need clothing or vests that keep heat properly which can protect you in the snow or any harsh weather conditions.

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3. Wild Boar Hunting

This type of hunting is similar to Bird Hunting since it goes on throughout most of the year. You should be careful in finding a good vest not only to protect you from the weather, the wind and the cold but also keep you safe from the animals. The hunting vest should be hardwearing as this
type of hunting usually happens in a harsh environment. Wild boars have an excellent hearing and sense of smell and when they sense something, they can move as quickly as they can and they become more aggressive when wounded. So, find one that can protect you from possible attacks.

4. Active Hunting

A lot of physical activity or moving around a lot is required in this type of hunting. So, you should look for a hunting vest which is equipped with good ventilation and also for flexibility. The clothing or vest should feel like just part of your body. A vest should have a moisture-transporting layer which will prevent your clothes or vest to be damp and very close to your body. This layer helps with proper ventilation openings so that air will be quickly released.

Upland Vest

5. Bait Hunting

You need patience and persistence in this kind of hunting since you need to sit and wait on bait. So a hunting vest that you should look out for should keep you from heat or cold whichever weather condition it may be. During winter, you should find something that can have layers which will help protect you against cold, chilly winds or even during snow. There is a wide range of fleece jackets, sweaters, and thermal vests for you to use when it becomes cold. It is also important you find one that can regulate heat when hunting during the day.

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