Finding Fashion Made in the USA

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With the advent of the Internet, the entire world has been opened up to fashion designers. That means finding fashion clothing made in the USA it going to be hard. You’ll have to look around at all the shops to find a designer who uses American factories to make their clothes.

Finding fashion clothing made in the USA will take a bit of extra work to find a designer who has their designs made in America. There are several reasons why they use clothing factories in other countries, but the main on is because of the price of labor. Using other countries such as China, Taiwan, and Brazil make the clothes less expensive. It also helps other countries with their economy.

However, those designers who use American factories to product their designs want more control in the making of the cloths. Using other countries doesn’t give them the control on the type of fabric, the way the clothes are made, and even the sewing thread. Designers are very picky about how their clothes are made. If they put their name on a product, they want it to be the best made product. Many of the new and upcoming fashion designers are using American made to keep control of their products such as dresses, shirts, and suits.

When Ralph Lauren was chosen to provide the uniforms for the U. S. Olympic, he chose to have them made in China. He received a lot of criticism for trying to save a buck or two having the uniforms manufactured in China. It was believed by many he should have had them made in the USA to keep jobs in the country as well as keeping money circulating within the US. It also helps decrease the US dependency on other countries.

The new fashion designers are using “Made in America,” to not only keep jobs in America, but to have more control on the end product. Some of the other countries don’t have the same quality control as American factories do, nor do they use the same type of cloth for the designs. You’ll have to look around at the tag on the clothes you buy to find fashion clothing made in the USA.

Finding fashion clothing made in the USA is just a matter of looking for the tags that carry the “Made in America,” logo. As the world turns, many companies are finding they are losing money with their product made in other countries, especially clothes sold in America. More people look at the tags and only buy “Made in America,” clothes.