How To Look Good On A Dance Floor – Makeup Tips For Going Out

How to look good on a dance floor – makeup tips for going out

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The night time is the right time to express yourself. Dance floors possess certain vibes and create a distorted perception of reality. The same way your moves look cooler under the strobe light, your looks seem more extravagant and everything goes. Don’t be afraid to add color and really emphasize your facial features.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is achieving the right balance and staying in the tasteful zone. While daytime calls for mild tones and neutrals, the only look a dance floor wants to see is striking.


Glitter is not only reserved for young teenagers and NY parties. A bit of glitter and shimmer can really add that spark to your eye. In our opinion, the looks you should avoid are Barbie-like tacky, cold spacey, or simply bizarre. They can all come out as a result of too much glitter and at a wrong place.

Dab a bit of glitter to the outer corner of your upper eyelid, or simply in the corner of your eyes. Some would even go for glitter in the eyebrows, though we are not the fans of that. We suggest simply applying some shimmer powder between the arch of the brows and the eyelid.

Glitter eyeliners is another safe way of adding the spark and if you think that the color may be too much, try using gold as it is subtler.

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Smoking fabulous

The smoky eyes are a classic way of rocking a stylish look which adds depth to your eyes. Your look will instantly become more mysterious. You can never go wrong with white, silver, and black palette or the hues of brown, gold, and bronze. However, smoky does not end there.

You can choose different hues of any color to sport this look but simply dab some black onto the outer corners of the upper lid before you apply the color, for depth and mystery.

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The luscious lashes

With long eyelashes, you can easily switch between cute and seductive. The whole world seems to have realized this and there is an incredible number of tips and products you can find for making your eyelashes look more voluminous and longer.

That is why we have eyelash extension both professionally performed and DIY solutions. We are taking the entire world’s side by opting for a safer solution. The safe eyelash lift  women are mad about, make this procedure a dancefloor-must seeing that it is so adored in one of the world’s party-capitals. Enjoy 8 to 12 weeks of healthy, thick and curly lashes, put some mascara on and your eyes will get that one last necessary detail.

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The bronzer

The bronzer, I am sure you already know how to select the best primer and liquid foundation for your face. Now, avoid foundation with SPF as it can make you look really pale under the club lights.

Be sure to apply some bronzer for a natural look which makes your face look more contoured. One bronzer does not fit all. Do not try to attempt to achieve the fake tan with it, that’s not what the bronzer is for. Go only about 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Depending on the undertone and the paleness of your skin choose between the honey, pinkish, or the brown undertone. Imagine you are painting a butterfly with the fluffy powder brush.

Apply some bronzer to your forehand and along the hairline, down to your cheekbone (a slightly thicker layer) and down to your jawline. Repeat the process on both sides of your face. Gently smear some bronzer on the tip of the chin, the bridge of the nose and down the neck. Us a clean brush to blend it all in.

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The Lips

The famous old rule still applies, if you are emphasizing your lips, keep your eyes subtler and vice versa. If you are making a bold statement with your eyes, your lip color choice should be safer. On the other hand, if you are planning on using dark purple or red for the color of your lips, your eyes should be subtler. This does not mean no eye-makeup but perhaps something simpler such as winged eyeliner and mascara.

When applying a dark lipstick, a lip liner is a must. The two can be of the matching color and shade for the clean look, or with slight differences in the shade for the ombre look. Make sure you apply a layer of lip liner onto your lips to keep the lipstick on and make the color of your lips more durable.

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While you should carry lipstick or even eyeliner to touch up your makeup during the night out, the most important thing is not to worry about it at all. Have your friends tell you if something goes incredibly wrong. In the meantime, relax and enjoy the evening.