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Have you ever heard of epilators? What are they and how it benefits women drastically? It is a well-known fact that most of the women feel ashamed of hairs on their legs. In order to hide it they wear a long gown this kills their dream of wearing the desired clothing. You might have tried shaving or waxing that shows different pain level. However, epilation has become a personal choice of most women as it gives long-lasting smoothness and other benefits too.


Wanna buy the best epilators?

What is an epilator?

Basically, the device used to eradicate or remove hair through mechanical grasping of the hairs and pulling it out is termed as an epilator. It is somewhat similar to the waxing; however, it is not responsible for removing cells from epithelium. It is available in corded version, battery operated designs and rechargeable.

Epilator is affordable, efficient, portable, gentle, and suitable for women. There are various types of epilator in the market. Out of all the basic ones are mentioned below-

Spring type– the very first type is spring type. The basic version of the epilator contains a spring along with a handle. The spring is bowed curved and unwanted hair whilst got turned the handles. The hairs got caught in between the coils thus pulled out.

Rotating disc type– the second most used type is the rotating disc type. It got operated in a similar manner as that of another epilator.

Tweezer type- The rotating type disc design that contains metal plate series mounted on plastic housing is known as tweezer type. The tweezer produces a tweezing effect, in which plates got rotated and hairs in between the plates got pulled. Thus a continuous cycle of pulling, gripping and discarding across the skin can be maintained.

Wet use type– the wet use type is known as modern epilator that has an inbuilt rechargeable battery and is designed to be utilized in either dry or wet. This type of epilator usually got build after or before the shower with applying of cream or gel. The applying of cream or gel is helpful in the reduction of irritation and pain that is associated with dry usage.

Why should you buy an epilator?

Given below are some of the points that allow you to come closer to this question-

Long lasting smoothness of skin– It is tempting to know that the skin left by the epilator not only looks smooth but also feels smooth for a longer duration compared to shaving. It is claimed that it has a long lasting effect of smoothness for up to 4 weeks.

Flexibility- In contrast to waxing, the epilator allows you to work no whether it’s in bath or dry. This overcomes all the prospect of pain. The epilator with cap (a sort of attachment that got put over epilator head) is specially designed to remove all the hairs gently.

Which feature to look out for?

There are lots of questions like- is it possible to use the epilator in the bath? Or does one require plugging it into the supply? Or what sort of attachments do I require? These vital questions play an important part in buying the epilator. Given below paragraph winds all the main features of the epilator you must think over-

Tweezers– the modern day technology has brought epilator along with a rotating metal plate. This was specially designed so as to tweeze hairs from roots. Tweezing out depends on the tweezing strength of the epilator. The more the tweezing strength the more quickly it can execute the process and tweeze out hairs. Any of the cheaper epilators contains 20 tweezers however if you go for the pricy one it has around 32-40 tweezers.

Wet and dry- wanna epilator that can be used in the bath or dry? Then wet and dry epilator is best. When the skin is wet, it has opened pores thus this makes removal of hair much easier. This type of epilator usually has a low budget.

Corded/cordless- the market has both corded as well as a cordless epilator. It is recommended that you should never bring the appliances to the main switch that can cause severe injury.

Attachments- the epilator usually have a “cap” that is placed over the head. It can be used for customizable use. The best epilator has a cap for sensitive or delicate body areas, face and bikini line.

Two-speed settings– the two-speed setting can be used for faster epilation as well as gentle and slow process execution.

Head width– the epilator with a wide head covers most of the skin in every stroke. this makes the process of epilating quicker and you feel less pain across the larger areas.

Lighting- lighting enables you to spot out fine hairs that got remained after the usage of the epilator. It is for shining a light over the skin.

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Advantages of epilating

What’s the first method that pops in your head when you wish to remove the hairs? It is shaving and waxing.Isn’t it? However, the quick fix method for hair removal is epilating. In order to get the best results, one must first exfoliate the area and use the epilator. The exfoliation is best known for removing dead skin cells, debris, oils, and dirt as well. After exfoliation, you should hop directly into the shower and have a bath with water. Allow the area water to run over the area to be epilated. Now, make sure the skin is clean and use the epilator.


There are various positive reasons to buy the epilator to remove the hair. You can find the best epilator by considering the points mentioned in this article. Just remember that epilator is much cheaper compared to the waxing. It is a non-permanent hair removal form. If you wish to epilate unwanted body hairs, then it is well recommended to use an electric epilator so as to meet all your needs. You can visit any of the online stores and get an international or national brand that can be used for multiple purposes.