Hairdo for the Round-Faced Individual

Hairstyle for Round Face

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Hairstyle for Round Face

Deciding on the best haircut for a round face is critical. You have a round face if your face width at the widest section, that is the cheekbones, is almost the same as the length. Although face shapes are not precisely a model of the actual shape itself, the faces are classified to the closest resemblance of a particular geometrical shape. Round faces tend to have soft features mostly chubby, although you will find slim women who have round faces.

If you have a round face finding a perfect hairdo can be a nightmare. However, with proper advice, you can open your eyes to a world of attractive and appropriate hairstyles for your round-shaped face.

If you have short hair, the trick is to add volume to your hair, usually at the top of your head (try Bumble and Bumble Gellac). The volume elongates your face and helps to break up that round look. The solution is to add extensions or cut the hair such that it is longer than your face. Parting that is slightly to one side of the face also diverts attention from your round face.

If you have long hair, trim off the volume at the cheeks, as this will tend to add on to their fullness. Keep the longer sections of the hair narrow at the cheeks, then slightly taper them off at the ends. The flowing tapered ends immediately catch the attention of people, and this draws attention from the face. You can also cut an off center fringe to one side. Another way to style your hair if you have a round face is to highlight hair around the face area.

There are styles and cuts to avoid for round faced people. They tend to add a chubby look to a face that already looks fat. A medium length cut is one style to avoid when looking for hair styles for round faces. A medium cut is one that stops right at the cheekbones. In order to give an impression of a longer face, stick to hair styles that are past the chin or just above the cheekbones. You should also avoid heavy bangs that seem to puff up an already chubby face. Curls that are next to the cheeks have the same effect. You should avoid blunt cuts at the cheek bones, instead opt for a tapered cut that is narrow at the cheeks. Additionally, you should avoid bob cuts at all costs.

One way to find out the final look of a particular hair style on your face is to use wigs or the relevant computer applications like on the L’Oreal website. This gives you an idea of how you will look just before you spend money on a hairstyle for your round face that might prove disastrous.

However, these rules are not cast in stone. Get a crop that matches your facial features, style, preference, hair texture and personal taste. Stick to the one that makes you comfortable and happy and then rock it by conditioning with Moroccan Oil. After all, style is personal and being unique is beauty by itself.