Hemp Paper Products, Flowers, and More: A Miracle Crop Ignored

hemp fabric

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Hemp is a profitable and versatile crop with a rich history. In fact, hemp fabric was found in Turkey dating back 8,000 years.

hemp paper products

Hemp is often confused with marijuana. Industrial hemp has very low levels of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and high levels of fiber.

This high fiber makes it perfect for fabrics, ropes, and other textiles. But what about paper?

hemp fabric

Hemp paper products are poised to be a game-changer. Here’s a guide to hemp fiber products that can create valuable and versatile goods.

Hemp Paper Natural / Deckled Edge
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Eco-Friendly Options

One of the best reasons to switch to hemp for paper products is that it’s an eco-friendly crop. More hemp goes into creating paper, meaning an acre of hemp produces more than an acre of trees.

Hemp matures quicker, too. You can start using hemp at four months versus having to wait up to 80 years to use a tree.

Hemp is great for farmers as a rotation crop. Hemp keeps insects at bay, represses weeds, and promotes aeration in the soil.

Durable and Flexible

Paper is easy to recycle, but there are limits. Traditional paper goods can be recycled up to three times, but hemp papers can be reused up to seven.

Unlike regular wood fibers, papers made with hemp don’t deteriorate in the same way. There’s no cracking or yellowing, making it perfect for advertisements and business cards.

Hemp Flower Benefits

You know that textiles made with hemp are strong and long-lasting. The hemp flower itself has many amazing benefits.

If you’ve heard of CBD oil, you might’ve heard of hemp oil, too. Full-spectrum hemp oil is pressed from the hemp seeds.

CBD and hemp oil are sometimes used to relieve joint pain, help with insomnia, deal with depression, and more. CBD hemp flower can be purchased whole and used for similar purposes.

As another delivery method of cannabidiol, hemp flowers might help with any of the aforementioned issues. Look into a good quality supplier to try it out for yourself.

A Blooming Industry

CBD oil is already expanding. The opportunities to create more paper products and other textiles from hemp fibers and flowers are right around the corner.

We can start by printing labels for CBD oil and packaging on hemp papers. From there, hemp can be incorporated in more shipping packages and paper containers.

Even if it’s single-use containers, hemp is easily recyclable. We can reduce harmful waste by using more hemp pulp and fibers.

Hemp Paper Products and Beyond

Hemp fibers, pulp, oil, and flowers have many different applications. Hemp paper products are ready to create a new booming industry.

Hemp already is making steady progress through CBD oils and fabrics. Paper goods and hemp flowers are close behind.

It’s time to get excited about the new hemp fiber industry. Whether you’re investing in it or ready to use hemp for all of your paper needs, there will be a lot more opportunity for hemp goods in the future.

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