How To Become A Professional Makeup Artist And Hairstylist

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The makeup industry is flourishing every day. Everyone is trying their luck as a makeup artist and hairstylist. There are so many training schools and courses; and therefore, a large number of aspiring artists step in the market. To compete among all of them you need to be professional and smart enough to crack the spot. Along with getting certificates from an authorized organisation, build some skills before stepping into this industry.

Here are some tips to become professional:

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Build good communication with customer via phone calls, text messages, and via emails. So they can reach you for any queries. Also, online booking is much easier and convenient.

Positivity & Motivational

Spread positivity through your words. People, who are getting depressed or frustrated with their regular hair or problem or confused with the right choice of products, can rely on you with your words. Always motivate them to try something new.

Upgrade Yourself

Keep updated on all latest techniques, tools, products, and accessories. You can’t stand behind. With easy access to the internet, customers are well informed, they always demand trendy output.

Be a Trendsetter

While most of the following others or conventional style, offer something creative and trendy, like- airbrush makeup, nude makeup, etc. in hairstyle also, adopt a trendsetter style like- inland empire hairstyle for bride, waterfall braids for evening party, or updo bun for the night of the presentation. Apply some innovative ideas, that people start following you. 

Makeup Shades & Hair Color

One of the crucial parts is the choice and application of the makeup shades and hair colour. In the case of makeup, it is challenging to identify the right shades for each and everyone’s skin tone. Similarly, hair colour is long term affair; you need to very skill full for doing this.

Leadership & Team Player

Inherit both the qualities. If you own a studio, there must be few interns. The co-ordination must be very healthy between all of them. Avoid any misunderstanding in front of the customer. On the other hand, in this industry, you may need to work as a team. Being a team member; you should be very free-minded, easy-going, adjustable, and supportive.

Maintain Hygiene

Apart from the quality of work and skills, your appearance also matters. Dressed up well, maintain uniforms of your helping hands, and keep clean your surroundings; sanitize the table, chair, and stools. Always use sterilized tools like a comb, scissor, and makeup brushes for each and every one.

Suggest and Offer the Right Product

It’s very often for asking for a good skincare and hair care products for every client. Being a professional, you should be able to offer them tested and verified products from renowned brands at a reasonable price.


 Trust is something that grows with time. Think twice before you commit something and keep that word no matter what comes in your way. People will start believing you. Ultimately all depends on your relationship with clients.