How to Create a Conversational Fashion Statement in 10 Easy Steps

How to Create a Conversational Fashion Statement in 10 Easy Steps

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If you’re a man who has been making a fashion statement for years, then you know the power of commanding a room with the perfect outfit. Wearing the right thing can give you more positive attention and help you make better connections with important people in the room.

How to Create a Conversational Fashion Statement in 10 Easy Steps

But if you’re new to the world of flare, then it’s easy to make a mistake and stand out for the wrong reasons and having people talk about you behind your back could spoil your night.

But, there is no reason to be nervous. Fortunately, there is a happy medium and we’re going to help you find it. Check out this article for a step by step guide on putting together an outfit that makes you the talk of the town for all of the right reasons.

1. Decide How Formal Your Outfit Needs to Be

It used to be that putting together a formal ensemble was necessary for everything from attending a restaurant opening to flying in an airplane. But today, there is a lot more flexibility when it comes to how formal you want your outfit should be. You can truly dress in whatever makes you happy.

Some bars and clubs have strict dress codes so make sure you find out what the rules are before choosing your outfit.

Once you have an idea of how fancy your dress should be, then you can put together an outfit that makes sense for the occasion and mix in a piece of flare like a brightly colored shirt or a fun patterned blazer to set off your look.

2. Figure Out What Works for Your Body Type

Knowing your body type is key to putting together an outfit that works for you. You want your outfit to be a fashion statement not to be a conversation piece.

Make sure you shop for clothes that were intended for a man who has the same height, weight, and body build as you. Then, when you add something outlandish like an oddly styled top or super funky shoes, other people will know you made the choice on purpose and will be more likely to compliment you on it.

If you don’t know yours, find out your body type here so that you can make the best decision when it comes time for shopping for your look.

3. Know Your Measurements

Once you know what your body type is, you can begin to pick out items that make sense for your shape. But you will still need to find the size that works best for you.

Many men wear clothing that is too big for them as a way to feel more comfortable or because that is all they have in their wardrobe. Or they wear clothing that is too small because they don’t want to throw something away.

But size is incredibly important when it comes to fashion. Wearing clothes that fit properly will allow you to be much more confident in your look no matter what you are wearing.

Find out more about how to take men’s measurements with this helpful video, or try to find a tailor in your area who can fit your clothing to your body. You may see this as an unnecessary expense, but it will make all the difference for your look.

4. Consider Bold Colors

Bold colors are a great way to set off an outfit and make a statement. Just make sure that you choose a color that works for you.

You don’t want to look washed out or have people compare you to Big Bird for wearing a brightly colored yellow that was meant for someone of another complexion.

Don’t know what your best colors are? Ask someone! People love to share their opinions and a little advice from someone with an eye for color could be just the tidbit you needed to look your best. It’s also a great conversation starter.

Once you know what your best color is, you can work it in as an accent color for lots of different flare pieces in your wardrobe. This will save you time in the long run when you are trying to match outfits and is a great way to create a signature look.

5. Look for Exciting Patterns

If you tend to dress in more plain and simple clothing but want to make things a bit more exciting, then you should consider choosing a fun print for a portion of your outfit.

If you’re just branching into the realm of fashion, then you may want to start with something simple like an exciting tie or handkerchief in your pocket.

But if you really want your outfit to be a conversation piece, then you’ll go out and buy pants, a blazer, or a shirt with a fun print.

6. Blend in Metallics

Metallics are also a great way to dress up an outfit. Consider wearing a gold or silver shirt under your blazer for an exciting night on the town.

Or finish your look with metallic accessories like an awesome belt, super cool sunglasses, and a funky watch. A little glint of metal will elevate your look to the next level and help you catch every eye in the room.

7. Get a Great Hair Cut to Match

Keeping your hair healthy is essential for looking your best. If your hair is long and isn’t in good condition, then you should at least go in for a trim to cut off your dead ends. The cut will make your hair lie better and may also give it a more shiny and soft appearance.

For those with a short haircut, getting a fresh cut is a great way to show people that you care about your appearance and want to look your best. While some men let their neck hairs grow out between cuts, you should try to keep your hairline trimmed so that people will be able to concentrate their focus on your awesome fashion statement outfit.

8. Add an Unexpected Twist

If you’re going to an event that doesn’t have much of a dress code, then why not throw an unexpected twist into your outfit to shake things up?

While wearing a Hawaiian shirt most places may not feel acceptable to everyone, if you know your friends will get a kick out of it, then go for it. If you have a child, wear matching outfits. A funny baby onesie always gets laughs.

Fashion isn’t all about ego and making sure every part of yourself looks perfect. It’s also about expressing who you are fully and sharing that expression with the world.

9. It’s All in the Details

Advanced development in re-inventing buttons has also led to great fashion innovation like “no sewing needed” interchangeable shirt buttons that make you look amazing all while customizing your outfits with remarkable shirt button details.

Details like custom buttons on your outfit show others that you really care about fashion. It’s those kinda of details that will stand out to people who know what they are looking at when they evaluate your outfit.

If you’re really trying to make a fashion statement, choosing an item with customized features is more likely to get you compliments since it will stand out from what other people are wearing.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on designer items, there are still ways to ensure your outfit has an element of decorative flair. Try adding on your own ornamentation with supplies from your local arts and crafts store.

10. Wear Your Flare With Confidence

No matter what your outfit looks like, if you wear it with confidence, people are bound to notice you. Everyone loves a man who can stand comfortably in their skin.

So when you are choosing items for your outfit and are a little bit nervous about something, then decide if it feels authentically you or not. If it is, then wear it with pride.

If you’re considering something and you think it looks just plain outlandish and it has nothing to do with your personal expression, then it’s best to leave the item on a shelf. You don’t want to get laughs for the wrong reason.

More Advice on Making a Fashion Statement

Making a fashion statement is all about wearing clothes that fit you well with confidence. But if you really want people to take notice of you, then you can add bright colors, metallics, and fun prints to your wardrobe.

No matter what you choose, just make sure your look feels authentically you and its bound to be a hit. Check out our shop for great items today.