How to Get Smooth Silky Skin Like Your Favorite Celebrities

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Whenever you’re watching a movie that has one of your favorite actresses in it or an interview that features one of your preferred celebrities, no matter what their age or personal style is, if there’s one thing that they all probably have in common, it’s that their skin appears to be flawless. Sure, most of them have professional make-up artists to help to “polish their look”, but in order for them to put their best face forward, it requires that they also have smooth silky skin from head to toe.

Are you looking for some ways to get similar results? If so, we have a few tips on how you can get the kind of skin that always looks camera-ready below:

Drink plenty of water. When you’re flipping through a fashion magazine (or tabloid), it’s rare that you’ll see a celebrity carrying a bottle of soda or even juice. That’s because superstars like Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence know that nothing hydrates your skin and flushes out impurities quite like water does.

Exfoliate your skin. If you’re someone who is prone to having little bumps on your skin, you’re not alone. Although it could be a classic case of acne, there’s also a chance that it might be the result of a layer of dead skin that has clogged up in your follicles. That’s why something that actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Salma Hayek are big fans of is exfoliating in order to remove dead skin cells. You can find exfoliating products at your local drug store or you can make your own by combining a cup of brown sugar, a cup of honey and a few teaspoons of baking soda. Apply in circular motions and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Use a rich moisturizer. Women like Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lopez are not shy about showing a little skin and why should they be when it appears to almost glow? One way to achieve that look is to apply a rich moisturizer; one that preferably has ceramides or glycerin because it is more effective at penetrating thicker skin on the shoulders and legs.

Consider waxing and an epilator. Have you ever wondered how singers Rihanna and Kelly Rowland can have legs that look so toned and radiant? Well, while incorporating an exercise regimen is key, so is making sure to remove any wanted hair from their legs and thighs. Two ways to achieve this goal is to either have them professionally waxed or to use an epilator (you can find a variety of them at

Get lots of sleep. OK, due to their hectic schedules, this may not be something that a lot of celebrities do, but if you listen to enough interviews, many of them will tell you that they wish that they could get more sleep; that they probably wouldn’t need to spend quite as much time in their make-up artist’s chair if they did. No matter how old you may be, everyone needs to get between 6-8 hours of sleep every night. That’s because sleep is what rejuvenates our bodies from all of the wear and tear of the day. So, if you want your skin to look refreshed in the morning, get plenty of rest at night.