How to Make Your Home’s Living Area Look Like A Cozy Cafe?

Living room Like A Cozy Cafe

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Do you know that out of each and every portion of the restaurant segment, cutesy cafes serving hot cups of coffee is growing at a shocking rate? Admit it, you are unknowingly drawn towards cafes not only because of the hot brew but also there is something about its décor that gives you a sense of comfort. If you can’t stop yourself from rushing towards café almost regularly thus burning a hole in your pocket, then give a good read to these secrets to make your living room turn into a café fortnightly!

1. A Cabinet for Only Storing Coffee Essentials

If the current plan of your living room supports or you are going to remodel it, consider keeping a cabinet entirely for storing necessities required for preparing the brew. To start with, either a coffee maker or an espresso machine along with packets of coffee beans, sugar and milk obviously. Adorn a few fancy mugs resembling those you get at a café. You can also go for a shelf infused with a slide-out drawer and a pot filter to save you from rushing towards the sink for filling in water to make espresso.

Congrats, now you have all day access to unlimited coffee, although be sure to close the door of the cabinet unless you would like to share your coffee supplies with your mate.

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2. Let the Green Elements Play in Your Living Room

You might have noticed how the decors of posh cafes are adorned with artificial palm trees? Plants have the magical ability to turn the décor of any room lively and breezy. The moment you enter a café and get pulled towards it is mostly because its décor comprises of a few silk palm trees. Although natural plants can promote your health, not everyone can afford its maintenance. Always remember whether you decide to place some branches of silk tulips in the center of your coffee table or go on placing a few artificial flowers throughout the living room, you will be welcomed with cozy vibes every time you set your foot in it.

3. Café Is All About Chalkboard

This is perhaps the most striking element of recognition between a café and a restaurant. Most cafes instead of giving out printed menu catalogs opts to put up their specials in a chalkboard, yes it feels so natural and funky at the same time. Well, you can also do the same right? It’s your home and you should absolutely do anything which pleases you.

  • For your own entertainment and joyousness do write down the type of roasted bean you would be devouring till the end of the day.
  • Or write down some recipes you are willing to cook this weekend. You would be motivated beyond your will with this.

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4. Lighting Plays a Crucial Role in Giving Out Comfort

Another reason for you falling prey to a café décor is maybe due to its strategic lighting fixtures. You have noticed that the artificial lighting in the cafes is neither too bright nor too dim. And you have to implement the same in your living room to make it look like a café to you, well without having to share the place with any stranger and also not paying bills of course.

  • Opt for lamps which give out a sense of warmth and lead your way effortlessly at the same time. It is advisable to stay away from fluorescent lamps although, they tend to suck out the warmth from a room and replace it with a harsh and monotonous ambiance.
  • Luckily if your living room has natural light sources consider draping it with drapery panes thereby allowing light to play with the room while keeping the ambiance snuggly.

5. If Cafes Can Have Bookshelves, Why Can’t You?

Individuals who have got little or nothing to do with books can simply ignore this point and move forward, there is much for you. Bookworms generally hop in a café to enjoy mugs of coffee while losing track of time owing to anticipatory fictional tales. If you love reading books then go and buy an inexpensive shelve and then place it at the corner of your drawing room and decorate it with books or magazines, whatever amazes you. Do it and you will find the lost charm of your living room once again.

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6. Can’t Afford Shelves? Hang Up Artwork

If you will have to wait for a while before installing a coffee shelf in your living room then you can accomplish the task of setting up a café within your walls without a coffee shelf. All you have to do is to fill out the empty walls with funky or cutesy art pieces; the art topics should involve coffee, brew or café snacks. If possible create your own artworks or doodles if you are comfortable at it.

While doing this don’t cram the wall tones with artworks, they also have a life of their own right?

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7. Rustic Wall Tones With Aromatic Frappes

If you have ever been to any authentic hot-shot authentic café which takes pride in its lip-smacking brew then you must have came across something amazing about their wall tones. One of the things customers set their eye upon is the theme of the café.

  • How about you remodel the wall tone as well as the ceilings of your living room to turn into a most sought after cafes in town? How about going old-school with brick walls setting off a perfect chord of rustiness every time you recline in the chair and let your taste buds drown in the taste of the roasted beans?
  • Position a coordinated counter top table against the walls and then you can finish the long due assignment quite effortlessly.

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However if your living room extends right out in your balcony, you can also groom its décor to let you have a street café experience whenever you would appreciate some air to clear things off your head. And also since you are going to require some energy before turning your living room into a café don’t forget to take a sip off the cup of java.