Organize Your Closet To Attain Inner Peace

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Modern life is hectic enough without a messy closet, especially since the mess never stays in the closet. Before long you’re missing a shoe or your favorite dress gets buried in one of many non-distinct piles. Your room becomes a virtual dryer where socks and all other varieties of clothing get sucked into the void, never to return.

Don’t let that happen to you. If you have, then take comfort; there’s still hope, but you’ve got some work ahead of you.

Consider Your Storage Space

If you have a fitted wardrobe, your job is going to be a lot easier. If you don’t but you can afford to get one, it’s an excellent investment; a fitted wardrobe provides more than enough space for everything you own, with the added benefit that the size and shape of each compartment will do a lot of the organizing for you. There’s really no substitute for the style and craftsmanship of a professional product, and if it improves your home and makes your life simpler, then it’s ultimately worth the price. If you are working with a regular closet or a very small amount of storage space then you may need to buy some totes and jury-rig a few solutions of your own to get organized.

Step 1: Clean it Out

You will want to take everything out of your closet before you try to put things in their proper place. This reduces the amount of work you need to do overall because you won’t need to constantly move the same items around. In addition, it allows you to take inventory of exactly what you own and whether certain things are worth keeping.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Once you know how much you own and what you have to work with, you can calculate how many containers you will be able to fit into the closet, and you will know exactly what will fit into it and how. It’s easy to over or underestimate what you can store and what you’ll need to spend in order to do it, so don’t invest in containers or planks of wood to use as shelves or any other items until you know exactly what you’ll need.

Step 3: Downsize

This is going to be a painful step for a lot of people, but there’s simply no point in owning more than you can store, or keeping things you rarely wear. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but a messy living environment can have a big impact on your mental health, and keeping a few items of clothing isn’t worth the psychological trouble it will cause over time. If you are going to organize, go all the way; you’re just making more work for yourself in the future if you skimp on downsizing the first time.

Step 4: Put Your Plan Into Action

Once you know what you’re going to do, the only thing left is to gather the right tools and do it. It’s incredible to see the difference that a few well-placed shelves and plastic containers can make. All of your shoes can be kept in one tote, miscellaneous items can be kept in another, items that are exclusively for work or special occasions can be separated from everything else, and you will get more out of your closet space than you ever dreamed was possible. If you already have a fitted wardrobe, then all you really need to do is make optimal use of the space that you already have, but the addition of a new shelf or one or two small containers may still enable you to make better use of the space you have.

Once you are done, the only thing that’s left is to breathe easy and enjoy the stress-free living space you have created for yourself. You’ll know exactly where everything is, your clothes won’t have unsightly wrinkles due to getting lost somewhere on the floor, and all you will have to do is keep things where they’re meant to go and you’ll never have to worry about dealing with a big mess again.

Jennie Kelley is a freelance blogger who writes organizational tips. If you are looking to organize your closet, you can check out Fitted wardrobes if you Click here.