Items Models Use To Make Their Features Stand Out

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Items Models Use To Make Their Facial Features Stand Out

 The models in magazine advertisements and television commercials look more beautiful than even the most attractive of typical people. Part of this is due to the luck of genetics. It is also owed to the tips and tricks the models have picked up over the course of their careers; a cursory glance through any social media platform indicates that many beautiful women are unsure of how to properly highlight their best features. Here are some ways to look more like a model in pictures and in real life.

Highlighting Shimmer

Highlighting products are arguably the breakout cosmetics of the past few years. They are counterpoints to bronzers, providing elevated points of light to contrast the shadows created by the bronzers. There are a few types of highlighters available. Some women like sticks that can be dabbed onto the face and then blended with the fingers. Others prefer loose shimmery powder that is applied with a puffy brush. Highlighter should be applied in a C shape that starts above the brow and arcs down to the top of the cheekbone.

Lip Liner

Lip Liner is the unsung hero of the cosmetics world; very few beauty editors wear it regularly or sing its praises. However, lip liner is the key to keeping slick glosses and highly-pigmented reds to stay in place. A pencil that matches the color of the wearer’s lips can be worn under any other type of lip product. It should be applied around the natural edges of the lips and then blended inward with a lip brush.

Brow Powder

Eyebrow trends change rapidly, and right now big, bushy brows are in vogue. The easiest way to imitate the look of full brows is to draw them on with a pencil, but this looks shiny and unnatural. Powders blend in with the natural brows and give them a soft finish. As a general rule, brows should be about as thick as the lips. They balance the features and eliminate the need to wear other types of eye makeup.

Teeth Whitening Products

Models are known for their big, beautiful smiles. One can make herself look younger and more striking by lightening her teeth, even if they are not perfectly straight. Whitening strips and toothpastes are inexpensive tools for attaining a nicer smile. Paramount Dentistry, a Hamilton dentist office, recommends starting with a professional whitening treatment and then maintaining that look with whitening strips. With perfect teeth comes the confidence to smile more often, which always makes a woman more beautiful.

Every woman can claim a little bit of model beauty for herself. These tips can help them draw positive attention to their features and bone structure with the use of products that can be found in any drug store.