Summer Jewelry Trends to Look for

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Last Updated on June 18, 2022 by Steal the Style

This season’s most trendy jewelry stays true to the bohemian style. Bohemian girls are dreamy and free-spirited. They have an appreciation for nature that extends to the way they dress up their own natural beauty. They are spiritual in an earthy sense; they value feeling connected to all things.


A bohemian reverence for nature and simplicity does not preclude one from wearing jewelry. It actually encourages girls to reflect their passions through what they choose to wear. A bohemian girl favours long, loose necklaces that hang down far below her collarbone. She will wear charms that hang from cords made out of leather or braided fibres. These charms will usually depict flowers or animals. The flowers are of simple design; they are not worn for their accuracy. They are worn for their colours and their meaning. Necklaces with simple charms on cords of varying lengths can be stacked on top of each other for a chic and carefree appearance.


Tribal jewelry is also seeing a major resurgence. Big clunky stones are featured in delicate silver or gold settings. Turquoise is heavily displayed in these kinds of items, whilst entire necklaces can be made out of black, red and white beads. Ornate jewelry works best when it is worn with subdued clothing. A statement necklace should not be worn against competing patterns. Unlike the animal and floral charms, tribal necklaces should be worn on their own.

Big Rings

Big rings can be worn on multiple fingers. Gemstones are increasingly popular with multiple rings adorned at the same time. The compliment of colours and styles reinforce the look and provide a vivid level of colours and tones this summer.
A girl can also display her sense of fun with cartoonish flowers and large false stones. Tribal and ethnic motifs lend themselves to rings particularly well. Necklaces bearing those patterns can be heavy, but a ring featuring similar patterns or settings is less obtrusive. The bohemian style is defined by loose fashions, and it is the jewelry that gives an outfit its definition and character.

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