Losing Your Hair: Why Stress and Anxiety Literally Make Your Hair Fall Out

Losing Your Hair: Why Stress and Anxiety Literally Make Your Hair Fall Out

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Losing Your Hair: Why Stress and Anxiety Literally Make Your Hair Fall Out

Hair loss is a massive issue in the modern world. Plenty of men and women are struggling with thinning hair or a balding scalp. This can cause insecurity and stress for the people it affects.

The problem is this can become a vicious cycle. Hair loss can have a lot of different causes, from genetics to the types of hair treatment you use. Sometimes it can actually be hard to figure out what the actual cause is.

Stress & Hair Loss

One cause which many people don’t consider too seriously is mental health. We live in a time where stress and anxiety are at all time highs. Of course, stress/anxiety can cause a number of issues, including serious physical illnesses. Being in a state of chronic stress wears down our bodies and leaves us vulnerable to illness and other negative effects.

With studies having proven that stress can cause hair loss, we should be paying a lot more attention to this issue. Stress can cause hair to gradually weaken and fall out, or even restrict how much growth your hair gets. See hair falls out naturally, but under high stress your body may accelerate this rate of hair loss while slowing down the growth of new hair.

Then there is alopecia areata, a condition where clumps of hair begin to vacate your scalp, leaving thin areas and eventually bald patches. Finally, some people are just so stressed that they actually end up pulling bits of hair out without even realizing it. This condition is known as Trichotillomania and is more common than most people would believe.


Anxiety is basically a term used to describe consistent long-term stress. This keeps your body in a stressed state day in, day out, over a long-time period. That could be months, years or even decades. With the modern age moving so fast and keeping everyone on their toes, more people are suffering from anxiety than ever.

Anxiety leads people to over-react to stressful situations when they do occur, and to constantly be on edge expecting a bad situation anyway. Put together it’s easy to see why somebody living with anxiety might end up literally tearing their hair out.

What Can We Do About this?

There are a few ways to deal with stress, anxiety and the related hair loss. Firstly, you might try specialist shampoos, such as the Veta hair growth shampoo. Another method is to use food supplements, which could provide essential vitamins and minerals which are needed for hair growth.

Good hair care is essential too. Use scalp massages and gentle products in your hair. Also, be careful when cleaning your hair, make sure the products you use are safe and that you follow proper cleaning techniques. Don’t tug on your hair or be too rough with it during washing or drying.

Finally, you can use stress management techniques to get rid of the cause itself. This should always be done and there’s plenty of ways to do it, from meditation or yoga to herbal supplements and counselling. Whichever path works best for you is the one to go with, just be sure to work on reducing your stress/anxiety, as it’s not only your hair they affect – your overall health can be affected too!