Mascara vs No Mascara – Which is Better?

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Mascara is one of the popular cosmetic products that a lot of women wear every day now to make their eyelashes pop. Women with short or thin eyelashes find mascara very helpful in beautifying themselves. Just a few strokes of mascara will be enough to make those short and thin eyelashes look fuller and longer.

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However, the mascara vs no mascara debate has been rising to fame. Is giving up mascara a much better choice even if you have those short and thin eyelashes? Find it out today.

Does Mascara Cause Harm to Your Eyelashes?

Wearing mascara only on special events can be a good idea. However, wearing it every day is a different story. It may cause your eyelashes to get thinner and shorter. In fact, continuous use of mascara can even lead to losing your eyelashes. For that reason, many women are now trying to wear only blush on, lipstick, and eyeshadow. A lot of women these days are finding ways to look beautiful even without their beloved mascara.

Mascara can be more dangerous to your eyelashes if you use the one made with the petroleum-based formula. This product can cause an allergic reaction like redness, swelling, and itchiness around your eyes. Continuous use of this harmful product can even trigger the slow growth of your eyelashes’ follicles.

If you can’t go out without mascara, then be careful when choosing a product. If the mascara you have been using comes with a petroleum-based formula, switch to the one with a hypoallergenic label. It contains ingredients which will nourish your eyelashes. There is a variety of mascaras in the market today with a moisturizing and conditioning formula which is good for your eyelashes. With these products, your eyelashes will be healthy while looking longer and fuller.

You can also use waterproof mascara which is great for humid and hot weather. However, they are hard to remove. Therefore, you will end up rubbing your eyes more forcefully. Rubbing your eyelids can harm your eyes. Before something bad happens, stop using waterproof mascara. You can still use it but only when it is absolutely suitable and necessary for the occasion.

If you do not like black or brown mascara for whatever reason, why not try clear mascara? Clear mascara is also great because it makes your eyelashes thicker and longer without the coloring agents that may irritate your beautiful eyes and stain your dress.

With or Without Mascara – Which is Better for You?

Since ancient times, women have been putting more attention to their eyes. For instance, the ancient women of Egypt used kohl to beautify and emphasize your eyes. It is the practice which has been a trend until the contemporary era. The women of today are using a variety of eye makeup products such as eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara.

However, while long, lush, and thick eyelashes are popular, there is another trend when it comes to wearing makeup. It may sound bad and unappealing for ladies who want to have fuller and longer looking eyelashes. On the other hand, there are some reasons for picking no mascara appearance.

A lot of people have few to no eyelashes because of some health conditions like thyroid disorders, skin or hair infections. Cancer patients also lose their hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes when undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

Other women gave up their love for mascara for some personal reasons. These reasons may include their strong tendency to touch and rub their eyes. Others don’t try applying mascara because they don’t have steady hands to apply a few coats of mascara before they go.

Should You Wear Mascara or No Longer at All?

The answer depends on you. Wearing mascara is really one of the ways to make yourself look more beautiful. However, you must consider the potential negative effects of wearing mascara on a daily basis.

To protect your eyelids and your eyes, start changing your makeup habits from now on. Instead of wearing mascara every time you go out with your friends or your boyfriend, try other makeup tricks that will make you beautiful without the sticky fluid on your eyes.

However, if you still want to wear mascara on some special events, make sure you know the right way to apply it on your eyelashes. Proper application of mascara is important. You may watch the videos on YouTube or search for articles that talk about how to wear mascara. Practicing the right way to wear mascara may help in protecting your eyelids and eyes from the irritation caused by chemicals used in making mascara.

Women can be beautiful even without makeup, especially mascara. There are ways to keep yourself look presentable and gorgeous even in the simplest way. Whether to wear mascara for some time or not at all depends on you. Still, only you can figure out which is better for yourself.