Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Steroid Dependency

Get Rid Of Steroid Dependency

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The oozing masculinity and peaked performance compel people to go all lengths. Exercising and working out are probably the best activities one can indulge themselves in, but it too has its limitations. Those limits are exceeded when one turns to the consumption of steroids for muscle growth and better performance.

Anabolic steroid addiction is more common than we know. As of a study in 2014, every 1 in 50 high school students admitted to having had used steroids. Though initially consumed for muscle growth, it can easily develop a dependency among users and lead to abuse.

Why Steroid Use Is An Addiction?

There are two types of behaviors that qualify as addictive. The first one is compromising time, money, and relations in your life for the use of a substance. And the second one is to experience withdrawal symptoms after cutting off the drug/substance.

The use of anabolic steroids inspires both of the above behaviors. This is mainly because the dozes in which they are consumed to aid in muscle building are roughly around 10-100 times higher than the prescribed use for several diseases.

There are over a thousand different types of steroids and less than 5% of them have been verified. Steroids increase the testosterone levels (male hormone) in the human body that results in rapid recovery for muscles, increased sex drive, elevated mood, and higher performance.

Even though the consumption of steroids does not produce a high like other drugs, it does cause an imbalance in your hormones that results in an effect similar to anti-anxiety pills. An immediate withdrawal by a long-time user may result in severe depression and suicidal behavior.

How To Cut Off the Use Of Steroids?

There several different ways to consume steroids by users like pyramiding, cycling, and stacking. But none of them have been proven to have better or worse effects. 

Though some users report having gone Cold-Turkey to quit the addiction, the majority of users face many difficulties in doing so. The best-recommended way is to consult a qualified addiction therapist to guide you through the process. 

However, here are some natural ways in which you can lean away from your addiction to anabolic steroids.

Find Your Reason For Continuance and Quitting, Both

Although a very basic initiative, getting your reasons straight encourages you to break free of dependency. Due to several different studies, a majority of steroid users are not professional athletes looking to peak their performance but normal individuals just wanting to “look” better.

If you too had gotten into the use to get a ripped body, heavier arms, or tight-packed abs then think again. Are there not any other ways to naturally help you achieve the goal like more religious workouts and the use of verified supplements?

On a piece of paper, jot down all the reasons why you want to quite against your reasons to continue. Once you’ve made points, have the paper hung on the fridge or on your bathroom mirror where you can regularly see it. It will not work immediately but will inspire you to reduce your dosage over time and eventually get rid of it.

Although most steroids abusers are well aware of the side-affects and yet persistent on its usage as they have it “under control”, it is always helpful to keep a track of all the things it is costing you. You are definitely spending more time, money, and effort at the cost of your personal life and close relations. 

Find A Substitute Behavior

Going cold-turkey to quit a dependency puts a person in a very hard position. The lingering suicidal thoughts with severe bodily dysfunction have many ending up in hospitals. Then perhaps the better way would be to slow your withdrawal from steroids and find a substitute to fill in the gap.

If you are a fitness enthusiast then focusing on your performance at the gym by trying out different exercises like calisthenics will have you up against a challenge. There is a new world to explore when it comes to body-weight training. But this time your focus should be on excelling as naturally as possible. 

Why it is recommended to find a healthier substitute is because when in the state of withdrawal, it can be a perfect time to start a new routine or activity. Compounds like red maeng da kratom effects are far negligible as it is a natural herbal extract, and can be used as a perfect substitute to ease your way through depression and anxiety. It can be easily bought from the kratom krush website along with other strains.

You can get yourself kratom online as it also helps with an increase in performance while cutting off several withdrawal symptoms.

Be Persistent

The key to quitting any addiction is perseverance. You have to be persistent in your efforts even though it is going to be tough. The reason why I mentioned jotting down your reasons and hanging it in a place where you can see is going to be a reminder of why you started in the first place.

You also have to keep in mind that a majority of people are able to quit the addiction and so can you. You just may need a little push when you’re feeling down and you can have friends and family to help you out through that.