Natural Ways to Overcome Insomnia for Better Sleep

Young attractive red haired caucasian woman lying in bed late at night trying to sleep suffering from insomnia, nightmares or sleeping disorders. looking stressed and exhausted.

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Enough sleep at night is good for a healthy body and mind.

To be able to achieve this you should be able to have a regular sleep pattern, get a good comfortable bed and check mattress by appointment for a quality mattress. Also, it is good to try some natural ways to get sleep and defeat insomnia. Insomnia causes a chronic lack of sleep that can be caused by health issues such as depression, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If this is the case seeking medical help is better than taking over the counter medicine. However, there are various natural methods that can be as helpful to help you sleep.

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Relaxation Techniques

This is among the most used natural sleep remedy by most people. Relaxation and meditation techniques tune your bodies to be relaxed and prepared to sleep. When the practice is done regularly the body becomes accustomed to it, calming the mind at a specific time before sleep. Some of these techniques are visualization that involves actively imagining a relaxing scene for 10-20 minutes, transcendental meditation among others.

Yoga since it is based on relaxing techniques as a system of breathing, exercise and healing help make the mind, body, and spirit into one for a wholesome relaxation being a good practice for insomnia. Hypnosis and acupuncture are some great relaxation techniques that some people say have helped them combat insomnia. Similarly, aromatherapy especially the lavender oil has been used since ancient days to help overcome sleep disorders. The lavender is put in bathing water, on the sleeping pillow or on a hander kerchief. Some other oils that work in a similar manner include Patchouli, Ylang-ylang, and chamomile.

Create a Sleep and Exercise Routine

To begin with, a sleep routine that is religiously followed even during weekends is beneficial to tune in with your internal sleep clock. This will help your body stabilize your internal sleep and wake up the clock and you will eventually not need an alarm clock. People who have used this way to solve their sleep issues. Have had reduced amounts of tossing and turning in bed in search of sleep. Going to aerobics class 3-4 times a week consistently will help improve sleep quality and have less depressive symptoms and you become more alert during the day. Moreover, this exercise routine is better done in the morning or during the day since at night it revs you up.

Personal Diet

An individual’s diet is important since what you consume and what you don’t can affect your ability to have quality sleep. If possible cut off the consumption of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine a few hours prior to sleep for they just make you restless and unable to sleep. As sugar rush does to kids and makes them hyper and alert. It has a similar effect to adults too, hence you should cut it off to avoid being too energetic to sleep. By avoiding all this it is important to embrace foods that assist you to sleep.

These natural remedies, for instance, bananas, which others boil and drink the water to aid sleep. Have been using a lot in whichever way the banana is taken. It enhances the body’s conversion of tryptophan that is an amino acid that is converted to melatonin which signals the brain through the circadian rhythm to signal the time to sleep. Eating food rich in magnesium has been known to aid sleep. since magnesium is a natural sedative. Some good examples of magnesium-rich foods are cashew nuts, legumes, whole grains, wheat bran among others.

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Keep off Electronics and Bed Hogs

A study has shown most people use an electronic device prior to going to bed. Be it a smartphone, video game, or watching television and lights from these devices stimulates the brain making it difficult to calm your mind to sleep. Getting to a habit of switching off these devices an hour before time will help stimulate the brain to sleep faster. Pets and children have continuously become bed hogs that cause a lot of sleep disruption to people. Having a rule in your home for everyone to sleep in their own space including pets, will improve everyone’s good night sleep. Pets and kids are also really poor sleepers and keep you awake most of the night adjusting them accordingly.

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Chamomile Tea and Traditional Chinese Medicine

For chamomile tea to assist with insomnia it helps soothe digestion, reduce anxiety, reduce muscle tension, and through this it induces sleep. This tea is best taken after dinner to calm your mind and body to prepare for sleep.

Passionflower and hops are other herbs that work similarly to the chamomile tea. However, it works to some people and others do not have any results with these herbs.  The traditional Chinese medicine works effectively for older women. Who experience, low backache, fatigue, and tiredness should be taken by them to ease their pain and get comfortable to be able to sleep.

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Additional Natural Remedies

Slow music helps a lot stimulate sleep and improve sleep quality, it decreases tossing and turning at night and you get more sleep satisfaction. Music therapy is commonly used by many, unknowingly, to those who do it for fun it ends up soothing them to sleep. Exercise too is a good natural remedy that promotes deep sleep and stops insomniac symptoms. Exercise helps remove the muscle tension and stress that builds in the body and through this, the body is able to relax and you are able to lengthen sleep duration and wake up relaxed. Nevertheless, do not exercise too close to bedtime to avoid the adrenaline rush that will keep you awake.

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Although natural remedies are effective for overcoming insomnia. It is important to contact your doctor to be able to consider them safe for your health. This is crucial since insomnia can be a symptom for an underlying condition that when treated will stop insomnia and improve your sleep quality. Some of these conditions include depression, sleep apnea, diabetes and many more.