Office Fashion: Beat the Grey!

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Last Updated on February 19, 2014 by New Arrivals

If you think of working in an office, you immediately think of grey or black dreary outfits, a lack of fashion flare and of people generally blending in. However there is nothing to stop your style shining through. If you have an admin position, run a business, or sit behind a desk, why should you blend in and feel depressed by your work wear?

We are spoilt for choices when it comes to work wear, and we can maintain the smart reputation of the business we represent. So just how should it be done?

Greys and blacks don’t have to be our staple outfits. Color can be important to the messages we convey about ourselves. Reds can indicate that you are strong and confident, greens and blues can give calming qualities, and yellows and oranges scream a bright happy individual and greys and black are thought of to be boring. What do you want people to think of you?

If you are going into an important pitch; of course your business presentation is important, but what you wear can be equally so, and that first impression can be vital. You will be instantly remembered and you can show your creativity in bold prints and eye catching colours. It is important not to go over the top, but indications of style, fashion flare, and an instant good impression combined with your business skills can get you noticed and more importantly, remembered.

Color and fashion can be incorporated in so many ways. It is important to maintain your professional edge by being smart but really thinking about how to boost your office wardrobe, a few key stapes can be:

  • Tailored print shirts to dress up a pencil skirt and tailored jacket can be a great way to get some block colour into a work suit.
  • A subtle printed scarf can always add a touch of style to a black outfit if you are nervous of too much colour.
  • Jewellery is a fantastic way to introduce a sense of fun into an outfit. It is personal and can range from unique silver pieces to bold colourful edgy designs.
  • Hair accessories such as clips and scarves are a great expression of style and again are very subtle.
  • Shoes– A black tailored work dress can look fabulous when teamed with some edgy shoes, and add some colour. Flat or high heels, can really turn your outfit from boring to unique.
  • Tailoring– If you feel comfortable in your grey or black outfits, they why not go for unusual tailored cuts. This will make you step away from the crowd and boost your style instantly.

Your presentation is so important. It can be easy to wear the same outfit day to day and roll into work, but taking time to have fun with your outfits can boost your confidence and make others notice you. How you present yourself can even affect how others view you and has even been proven to affect how people approach you, and can even command a new respect. Think about how you present yourself to others; it’s amazing what it can do for your confidence, self esteem, and career.