40 Greatest Internet Superstars

VH1 is counting down the 40 Greatest Internet Superstars and they need your votes to determine the list. Here are my favorite nominees in no particular order… Internet Beggar Karyn Bosnak Former TV producer who paid off $20K in credit card bills with money she raised by begging online and went on to write a couple books. …

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Daisy Duke’s Red Cowboy Boots

Jessica Simspon as Daisy Duke

I personally think Jessica Simpson should have dyed her hair dark brunette to look more like Catherine Bach, who played the original cousin Daisy in the Dukes of Hazzard, but that’s just me. Now this blonde beauty not only sings and acts, but Jessica Simpson designs her own handbags and shoe line! Shop Jessica Simpson …

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Secrets of Celebrity Style

US Secrets of Celebrity Style: A Crash Course in Dressing Like the Stars  Buy the book if you must, but our intent of this new website is to provide you with the celebrity insight online, and the cost to read our writings is Free! Come back soon for your first lesson in “Stealing the Style” of your favorite …

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