Perfect Presents For Loved Ones Near and Far

Perfect Presents For Loved Ones Near and Far

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Chances are good you have at least one family member or close friend who lives far away or has moved far away from you. When it comes time to let them know you remember a birthday, care for them from afar when they are sick, or want to celebrate the excitement of a new baby, there are a variety of wonderful gifts you can send directly to their home.

Perfect Presents For Loved Ones Near and Far

Here are three ideas of gifts to send to your loved ones no matter how far or close they live to you.

Delicious Meals

Food is one way to celebrate or support a loved one during a special or difficult time. Meals can be particularly helpful as it takes an often time-consuming yet essential part of a daily routine away from their responsibilities. Consider sending frozen meals from a local business who makes them or making your own meal and hand-delivering if they are closer. Another great option is sending meal gift baskets where all of the ingredients for a meal are in one beautifully packaged gift.

Gift of Services

Think about one particular household chore or responsibility you have that you would love to give up for a week or a month and consider sending them gift cards or setting up a paid service for your loved ones. Some ideas include a full deep house cleaning, professional lawn care services for the summer, laundry service that picks up and delivers to their home, or filling their home with a beautiful floral arrangement each month.

Memorable Experiences

Do some research on fun experiences that are in town or a day trip away from your loved ones and gift them a day at a local attraction, a gift certificate to a local bed and breakfast, or a day at a local spa. If they are homebound or unable to travel, consider sending them a basket full of movies, cozy loungewear, books and puzzles, and other fun entertainment so they can enjoy their own fun in the peace of their own home.