How to Shop for the Perfect Summer Fragrance


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We have all been in the presence of someone who, although they might look really nice, what actually drew us to them was how they smelled. There was simply something about their fragrance that was quite alluring. When you’ve encountered an individual like that, you know they’ve found their perfect fragrance.

So, how can you achieve the same thing? Well, although it takes a bit of doing, there are some tips we can offer that can certainly help to point you into the right direction. Below, we’ve actually enclosed five tips that can assist you in finding the best summertime fragrance:

Know the Different Kinds

Before we get into the different scents that you can buy, it’s first a good idea to know about the various types of fragrances that are available to you. Basically all of them have some amount of oil mixed in. That is what helps the scent to last once we put them on our bodies. Perfume is the most expensive because it contains 15-30 percent oil; Eau de Parfum has 8-15 percent; Eau de Toilette has between four and eight percent and Eau de Cologne has between 3-5 percent. So, first think about your budget and then how strong of a fragrance you’d like to have before you start checking different kinds out.

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Look For Lighter Scents

One thing about the summer season is that you don’t want to wear scents that are heavy (such as a musk). It really is best to go with something that actually makes you think of the summer weather such as something in the floral, citrus or even vanilla family.

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Try a Few of Them Out

OK, we understand why this tip can seem a bit challenging because if you spray too many different ones on your body, it can be hard to tell which one you like most. Thankfully, almost every fragrance company has samples that you can take home with you. So, if you see one that you like and you’ve smelled it on a test stick but you’re not sure it’s what you want, ask for a sample and take it home with you. That way, you won’t feel quite so rushed.

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Ask Your Significant Other (Or Close Friend)

When trying to choose from a variety of fragrance oils, although you are welcome to purchase any that you’d like, it can always help to get a second opinion. If you are married or are (seriously) dating someone, being that spend a significant amount of time with you, ask them about the one that they seem to really enjoy. If you’re single, a friend can also provide you with some honest insight.

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Wait a Bit Before Making a Final Decision

A tip that a lot of people tend to overlook is actually one of the most important ones of all. Remember that you do have what is known as body chemistry. This means that the way a scent may smell when you first put it on may not be exactly the same after your body’s chemistry adjusts to it. In order to get the best idea of what works for you, walk around with the fragrance on for a couple of hours, if not a few days. If you’re still in love with it after that, then you’ve found the one that is perfect for you!

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What's The Best Fragrance For Summer?How to Shop for the Perfect Summertime Fragrance
What's The Best Fragrance For Summer?How to Shop for the Perfect Summertime Fragrance