Pheromones May Amplify Attraction

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While they won’t quite turn you into instant babe magnets and have women chasing men down the street, there is evidence that suggest pheromones do in fact change people’s perception of others when exposed.

For example, a study on the effects of a pheromone molecule called “androstadienone”, showed that women rated men approximately 10% more attractive after being exposed to it. There have been a handful of other pheromone molecules which have proven to have effects on cortisol levels (a stress hormone), strengthening “pair bonds” between partners, and increasing trust.

Could it be the “chemistry” people talk about when they meet someone special?

In 2010, a new dating concept arrived. They were called pheromone parties – where people sleep in the same t-shirt and clothing for 3 consecutive days. Then they place them items in an airtight bag. Once they arrive at the party, the bag is passed around to different potential partners – and if they are attracted to the scent, they are then introduced to their match.

Since it is a relatively new idea, it seems quite gimmicky for the time being. In the future, the concept may explode or it may just attract the casual looky-loo who wants to try something different. It does however lend some credibility to the concept of using pheromone colognes in order to attract potential partners.

An enthusiast website called House Of Pheromones offers an interesting point of view: “Pheromones are powerful, but they aren’t magic. They won’t make other people do things they don’t want to do. What they WILL do, is (sometimes significantly) put the odds in your favor. This is especially true with women – if they are interested, pheromones may amplify that attraction”.

They are one of the most reliable websites on the internet about pheromone products for males. But unlike unscrupulous sellers, they don’t make the claim that every woman will find you irresistible after using a certain pheromone product, which makes them even more trustworthy.

While there is a lot to learn about the technology, and how far it has come in recent years, this is definitely a fascinating area of human attraction that we’ll be keeping an eye on. If you would like to read more about pheromones and learn about how they work, visit