Professional Summer Fashion Done Right

Professional Summer Fashion Done Right

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Professional Summer Fashion Done Right

Summer is a great time for letting loose and unwinding, whether you’re going on a trip to a far-off, exotic destination or sticking around town for a relaxing staycation. But, what about the rest of the time when you have to be at work in your most professional attire every day. Rather than melt away into a pantsuit-shaped puddle, consider some special tips on how to nail your professional look during the hottest days of the year. Whether you’re a self-professed devotee of the latest women’s fashion or you find yourself loving a uniform look all year long, here’s how you can style yourself without breaking a sweat!

Soften Your Color Palette

Whether or not you live in a major metropolitan area known for denizens clad in chic, all-black looks, professionals everywhere have tended to dress more conservatively in recent years. But, with more relaxed corporate dress codes becoming more and more common each day, there’s no excuse to not dress a bit more to your liking if you prefer lighter, more casual tones. After all, it’s been proven that dressing in darker shades tends to make you feel hotter, so why not do yourself a favor and dress more seasonably while looking polished on the job.

For instance, if you love deep reds, navy blues, and black during the colder months, opt for lighter “pseudo-neutrals” like dusty salmon pink, cool slate grey/blue, and light olive for basics like blazers and trousers and punctuate your look with deep indigo or gold accessories.

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Not So Basic Basics

When temperatures are high and you’re down to trousers, a skirt, and just a top or cami, make sure they’re well-constructed and designed for durability. Whether you’re washing them constantly during the summer months or you’re outdoors for quite a bit each day, consider basics that can stand a little bit of wear and tear. Go for pieces made from seasonally-appropriate, breathable fabrics line linen, viscose, or fine jersey cotton. And look for styles that are a bit more timeless and easily mixed and matched with anything. For instance, a pair of wide-legged linen trousers can be effortlessly paired with a tee shirt or a blouse for a crisp, modern look that’ll look perfect before, during, and after work.

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Stow Strategically

During the warmest part of the year, it’s natural to want to shed layers and uncomfortable shoes on those long commutes. But, what about frigid, air-conditioned offices where you could really use a cover-up and some closed-toe shoes? Rather than schlep through your commute with several tote bags, a purse, and a separate work bag, consider a well-designed solution from any number of designers specializing in premium leather handbags. Opt for bags that offer ample room for an extra layer and a pair of flats on top of your other daily essentials. For even more space-saving ingenuity, invest in a soft, unlined knit blazer that won’t take up much room in your bag but will leave you feeling comfortable and put together at work.

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Accessorize Away

When you’re naturally wearing a little less than you would during other seasons, you may be left wondering how you can stay stylish at work or after hours. Well, if you’re down to just the basics, why not express yourself through bolder accessories? When your garments are a bit more subdued, this opens up the opportunity for some more eclectic add-ons like fun, fashionable watches for ladies, and a variety of costume jewelry pieces. Look through vintage and consignment shops in your area for unique pieces. Go online and support independent designers who specialize in small-batch or custom jewelry crafted to order. Or, if baubles and bangles aren’t for you, elevate your outfit, literally, with a fun, but workplace appropriate pair of heels or wedges.

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Express Yourself

The summer season is a favorite time of year for many, but it’s one that poses some challenges for professionals who have to be presentable on a daily basis. Taking some time to translate your year-round look into a chic, cool summer style doesn’t have to be a huge, costly endeavor. With some simple tips, tricks, and visual inspiration from innovative runway looks and how-to guides, you can find a way to express your individual style all summer long.