Quick & Easy Vacation Beauty Regimen: 4 Effortless Tips

4 effortless tips for quick and easy vacation beauty regimen

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It is easy to let yourself go a little when on vacation, and keeping up a solid health and beauty regime is particularly difficult in transit. Almost no-one steps off a plane looking fresh and polished, and living out of a suitcase can make it hard to look and feel your best.

4 effortless tips for quick and easy vacation beauty regimen

However, if you equip yourself with the right products and tips before you depart on a luxury cruise to Ensenada or jet set to Europe, you can maintain an effortless style and elegance throughout your vacation, and feel healthy and relaxed at the same time. While it is nearly impossible to maintain your regular beauty regimen while travelling, with these ideas it is really simple to stay bright and fresh wherever you are.

Avoid sunburn

There’s nothing like a serious session of sun worship, stretched out on a gorgeous tropical beach with a drink in one hand and a good book in the other. But the sun’s UV rays probably inflict the most damage on your skin while you are on vacation, and not just when you are deliberately catching a tan! 

Equipping yourself with products that include SPF is a great way to avoid unexpected skin damage, like powders, bronzers or moisturizers. Similarly a dry-touch sunscreen helps avoid that greasy feeling for when you are looking to catch a few rays.

Keep your eyes fresh

Sleep deprivation and jet lag can produce puffy eyes and dark circles, and a long flight can leave you eyes looking tired and worn out. 

The best thing you can do is to ensure you don’t miss out on too much sleep. Eye masks, earplugs and comfy slippers can help on long flights, and things like lavender oil and melatonin can help you fall asleep and cope with jetlag respectively. 

If you find that you just can’t avoid puffiness, there are a few products that can help. Eye creams like HydroPeptide Eye Authority help sooth your eyes and reduce dark circles, while single-use hydrating eye masks will restore your skin’s natural vibrancy quickly after a long journey.

Set your makeup

Warm weather makes for the perfect summer vacation, but it can be a nightmare for your makeup. Spending time in a hot climate, particularly in the humid weather of a tropical paradise, will have your makeup melting and disappearing in no time at all. 

If this sounds familiar, a makeup setting spray or powder is the answer.

Setting sprays hold your makeup in place even in tropical climates, keeping you looking pristine and perfect in the hottest of weather. Most setting sprays include SPF, which is an extra added bonus.

Double up

Of course, one problem about staying on top of a beauty regime while travelling is finding space for all your products! This is why one of the best tips when it comes to vacation beauty is to find products that do double duty. If you can find a lip tint that can also be used as eyeshadow, or a moisturizer that cleanses, tones and includes SPF, then you’ll be able to pack a fully equipped makeup bag that takes up half the space!