Real Talk: What Your Favorite Celebrities Don’t Want to Tell You

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Celebrities use their images to sell entire lines of products from clothing to perfume, so it’s no wonder they consistently downplay all of the work that goes into their flawless appearances. The smoke-and-mirrors appeal of Hollywood demands absolute perfection in every physical attribute. Here are some of the most common lengths celebs go to in an effort to convince us that physical perfection is as easily obtained as an eye shadow from the corner convenience store.

Flawless, Youthful and Hairless Skin

The amount of time celebrities spend ensuring their skin is nothing short of perfect is staggering. Hilariously, most celebs will never own up to the lengths they go to, or the procedures they undergo. Claims of excessive water consumption and special soaps are common. In reality, laser and chemical peels are used to erase fine lines, and keep skin looking supple. For celebrities with large pores, special masks and acidic treatments are used to strip out any sebum blocking the pores, which cause pores to shrink. Any acne or scars are also erased with pricey laser treatments. Moles, warts, and birthmarks are excised by a skilled plastic surgeon.

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In order to combat sagging skin and heavy wrinkles, celebs make use of fillers, injections, and surgical procedures to keep their youthful-looking skin. Procedures range from relatively simple Botox injections to full-scale surgeries that nip and tuck the skin and make it taut once more. Some celebs, such as Kenny Rogers, have undergone so much skin tightening they appear permanently startled or even disfigured.

Hair removal is a must for female celebrities. Eyebrows must be perfectly shaped, and any trace of body hair much be removed entirely. While most women simply use tweezers to pluck out errant chin hairs and shave their legs, celebrities will undergo painful and expensive laser or electrolysis treatments all over their bodies. Some female celebs, such as famed Latina actress Rita Hayworth, will even elect to have the hairline of their scalp contoured. Of course, the inflamed skin is then soothed with prescription creams to encourage healing and discourage scarring.

Cosmetic Surgery for All Body Issues

Whether it’s love handles or a sagging backside, male and female celebrities alike use cosmetic surgeries to achieve their perfect physiques. Most will not admit opting to use their appearance to sell health shakes, dietary supplements, workout programs, or other such products. In reality, plenty of celebs rely on their surgeons to keep them trim and attractive. Liposuction, contouring, breast augmentation, fat transfers and implants can turn an otherwise normal-looking person into a bombshell or a beefcake. After the bruises have faded, celebs are free to deny they’ve ever had work done.

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Extreme Dental Procedures

While the average person may get braces in their teens, and follow up with filling cavities as an adult, celebs go to great lengths to have absolutely perfect smiles. Even the smallest chips are carefully filled, veneers are applied to make all teeth while and uniform, and all cavities are filled with a tinted white bonding material that is indistinguishable from natural teeth. For celebs with crooked teeth, adult braces applied to the back of the teeth, or a series of retainers can be used to straighten them.

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Celebrities love to project a flawless image to both boost their careers and, for some, allow them to sell products and fitness programs. While some are naturally beautiful and only engage in small enhancements, others go to great lengths to perfect themselves. The obsession with flawless, youthful skin, perfect teeth, and a gorgeous physique leaves all celebs scrambling to constantly improve and maintain their appearance.