A Return to the Past | 5 Retro Styles that are Coming Back

A Return to the Past | 5 Retro Styles that are Coming Back

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Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical — what was once popular will always keep on coming back. From rock and roll band tees to chokers and platform shoes, fashion always finds a way to bring back old favorites. If you’re wondering what old school styles are making their reappearance this year, read on for five retro styles that are returning to fashion stores near you!

1. Vintage T-Shirts

While vintage band t-shirts have never really fallen out of style, many other retro tees are regaining their former popularity. Bob Marley, Guns & Roses, The Doors, and Aerosmith have never left, but now they’re joined by Prince and Michael Jackson.

Vivienne Westwood is also behind a drive for retro shirts, as she was a huge British, punk era champion. She made clothes for the Sex Pistols, and is now associated with contemporary artists like Charli XCX.

2. Embroidery

Embroidery is more than just vintage, it’s antique! Dating back to 17th and 18th century noble fashion, embroidery was also briefly popular in the 90s. Today’s designs forgo the kitchy butterflies of the 90s in favor of the more intricate, elegant designs of medieval days. Some designs also have a distinctly Asian feel, with tigers, dragons, and cranes at the forefront, or Native American inspiration with geometric patterns and designs.

You’ll find designers, including Gucci, Blue Ivy, and Marc Jacobs, embroidering cute flat shoes, dresses, jackets, purses, and so much more! These designs are enough to make Marie Antoinette jealous!

3. Chokers

Chokers are another medieval trend that was made tacky in the 90s. While the plastic, beaded chokers are cropping up here and there, you’ll see more satin, silk, velvet, and leather pieces that recall the Edwardian era. Some of the more popular styles are still just a simple sash around the neck (sometimes with a delicate pendant), but some are taking a page from more complex styles and adding links, bows, jewels and other embellishments.

Ziper Handmade Retro Punk Gothic Lace Bell Collar Bowknot Bow Ribbon Choker Necklace Choker Necklace Goth

4. Dramatic Sleeves

Who doesn’t love bell sleeves on a tunic dress?! This is another trend that has been reappearing over the centuries, dating back to medieval France, Italy, and Britain. While dramatic, opulent sleeves originally hung down to the floor, the 60s made them a little shorter with only an extra few inches of material.

Dramatic sleeves are for more than just casual dresses or work appropriate blouses! You’ll also find celebrities from Olivia Wilde to Monica Bellucci wearing them on the red carpet. With ruffles and wide cuts to true bell sleeves and slit pieces, you haven’t seen the last of exciting cuffs!

5. Vintage Denim

For better or for worse, vintage denim is back. Whether you loved it or hated it, you may have to get used to button down denim skirts, denim rompers, ripped up, distressed jeans, and even denim bermuda shorts, and bell bottoms. You can also expect lots of jackets, vests, strapback caps and dresses to crop up among brands like Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Levi’s, Magnolia Boutique, Pink Lily and BB Dakota.

Jeans have always been the working man’s choice, but fashion took them over long ago to create casual pants that go with EVERYTHING. That blue jean hue is now so iconic, you can’t escape it anywhere!


Update Your Wardrobe

While you may have been on the verge of getting rid of all your old clothes, now is NOT the time! Your oldest pieces are the ones that will soon be the most popular. If you’re worried about getting everything to fit just right (since you might not have worn these things since high school), some fashion DIY is also on the list of popular modern trends.

Take this opportunity to throw a DIY party and try on these retro styles with a modern twist with your girl friends. Check your closet for these five retro styles, and stock up on the one’s that you’re missing!