Social Distancing Approved Activities: Fun Things to Do by Yourself at Home

Social Distancing Approved: Fun Things to Do by Yourself at Home

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After spending too long bingeing on Netflix and take-out, social distancing is starting to get really old. 

You miss your friends, the outside world, and the fun of restaurants, cinemas, and parks.

Is there any way to actually enjoy your time stuck indoors? 

Seriously, are there any fun things to do by yourself at home? Luckily, there are!

Once you get creative and start making the most of your isolation time, you may surprise yourself by getting creative, learning a new skill, or connecting with friends in a new way. 

Social Distancing Approved: Fun Things to Do by Yourself at Home

Keep reading to learn some of the best activities to do while you’re stuck at home.

Write a Book

Looking for creative things to do while stuck at home? Put down Netflix and put your time to good use by writing a book!

Channeling your inner creativity can be a fun and challenging way to pass the time. It doesn’t matter if you ever want to get it published— write a short story for your kids, write your memoir, or even just start journaling to help organize your thoughts.

Writing helps clear the mind, relieve stress, and can be a fun way to share your stories and ideas with friends or family.

Looking for Fun Things to Do by Yourself at Home? Play Online Games

Challenge your mind with brain games online! Crossword puzzles, sudoku, trivia contests, or online math challenges keep you occupied and are a fun thing to do at home.

Bingo is also a fun way to stay connected to others online and keep your mind sharp— here are the Best Bingo Sites.

Have a Virtual Dinner Party

We can’t have our friends over for dinner, unfortunately. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have virtual dinner parties!

Gather your friends and all pick a recipe you like. Each person cooks on their own, then schedule a time to all dine together on Zoom or Skype.

Swap cooking tips on the recipe and enjoy a meal together—online.

Or, why not organize a virtual wine and cheese night, a book club, or simply a weekly video chat to check in with one another? If you live alone, it will help you stay connected and reduce feelings of loneliness.

Learn a New Skill

Looking for more fun things to do in the house? If so, why not learn a new skill!

Photographers or artists might enjoy online tutorials on Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Or, if you’ve ever wanted to study a new language, now is the perfect time.

Arts and crafts are also a fun way to pass the time. Why not try knitting, crochet, basket weaving, painting, or embroidery?

Create a Windowsill Garden

Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can still plant a garden near your windowsill.

Plant bright flowers to cheer you up, or try starting an herb garden. Fresh herbs, such as dill, parsley, rosemary, or basil are easy to grow in small spaces and make excellent additions to your cooking.

Make the Most of Your Time at Home With These Tips

As you can see, there are many fun things to do by yourself at home— more than you might’ve realized!

Being stuck at home doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, it can be an exciting opportunity to try something new, expand your mind, and tap into your creative side.

Try out one of the tips above to make the most of your time at home!

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