Solutions for Every Type of Stain

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Noticing a stain can be frustrating, especially if it is on expensive sheets or new clothing. However, there are easy ways to work stains out of everything, from pillowcases to pants.

Here are some tips for stain removal of the most common stubborn substances.

Dirt and Mud

Whether you have a job in construction or another outdoor trade, or your children have a talent for playing in the dirt, it is useful to know how to take mud from all types of clothing. Luckily, you can remove these types of stains with dish detergent, an ingredient that is available in almost every household. Once you cover the area with dish soap, be sure to let the it sit over night, and then use a brush to scrub and work it into the fabric before laundering your clothes. With this method, you can let your children outside to play without the fear that they will ruin their clothing beyond repair.


Even the most careful methods can still lead to leakage and blood on the sheets during a woman’s time of month. If you are wondering how to remove blood from sheets without leaving residual stains or having to throw them out completely, there are a few simple methods. For instance, if your bed sheets are white or a lighter color, then hydrogen peroxide usually does the trick. Put some on the stains, allow it to set, rinse a few times with cold water, and then wash the sheets through one cycle with cold water only. Hydrogen peroxide does have a bleaching agent, so be sure to only use it on light colored sheets, as it will be noticeable on other colors.

Pet Urine

how to clean pet urine stains

Although pets are often considered family members, sometimes they have accidents on the carpet, or worse, on the bed sheets. Have a bottle of heavy duty stain remover on hand as a first line of attack against urine stains when you see them. Wash your bedding in hot water and then dry it on the highest setting in order to get rid of bacteria. For stains on carpet, there are many specialized products for pet urine that can be sprayed, set for several minutes, and then lifted from carpeted areas to remove both the stain and the smell. If urine leaks through to your mattress, use the professional cleaner and remove it with a wet rag.


how to clean grass stains

If you landscape and garden as a hobby, sometimes kneeling or sitting on the lawn for extended periods of time can lead to grass stains. Some common household substances that do a good job in clearing grass stains include white vinegar and bleach. Keep scrubbing and applying pressure while making sure that the stain is wet to avoid it setting. The easiest solution to have on hand for grass stains is water and white vinegar. For grass stains that have set and dried, using hydrogen peroxide and dish soap is a more powerful substance that should lift the stains out, no matter how old.


How To Clean Red Wine Stains

Red wine is delicious, but also stains very easily. Unlike other stains, scrubbing and rubbing in a red wine stain will make it much worse and possibly permanent. Instead, use a substance such as baking soda or talcum powder that is dry to lift the red wine out. For wine stains that have already dried, use an oxi cleaner, or if you do not have one on hand, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap will be a good substitute. Red wine stains are known to be some of the most stubborn, but there are many simple solutions to removing them without much hassle.

Getting tough stains out of common materials does not have to be a hassle. With these tricks, and having an arsenal of common household products at your disposal, you will be fully equipped to combat any spill or stain that comes your way.