Soothe Your Soul: 5 Ways to Create a Bathroom Spa at Home

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While remodeling their bathroom, a California couple found a hidden message meant for them from the previous owners of the home.

The message, which was left when the previous owner’s remodeled the bathroom in 1995 read, “What’s wrong with the way we did it?!?!”

While this story is certainly funny, it also goes to show that you can always improve the design of your bathroom.

If you love the spa experience, you can design your own luxury spa right in your own bathroom.

Keep reading for 5 ways to create a bathroom spa in your own home.

Creating a Bathroom Spa

Trips to the spa can be expensive, but recreating the spa experience at home doesn’t have to be. The beauty of designing your own bathroom spa is that you have so many options.

You can work with items you already have to make them more luxurious or you can purchase new items.

This website is a perfect example of how bathroom accessories for every taste can be used to turn your home bathroom into your own personal spa.

You can do the work yourself or you can hire a professional. The sky is the limit!

1. Purchase a Diffuser

Sense of smell is the most powerful sense associated with memory. When you think of a spa you no doubt think of soothing essential oil blends and calming lighted diffusers.

Diffusers range in price based on size and are one of the best ways to transform your new spa bathroom. Essential oils for the diffuser can be purchased just about anywhere these days and come in a variety of scents and blends for every mood.

2. Get a Portable Speaker

Along with calming scents, spas always feature calming music.

You can recreate the spa experience in your spa bathroom design by purchasing a portable speaker that connects to your phone or your smart device.

3. Bath Bombs and Soaks

One of the most relaxing ways to unwind in your spa themed bathroom is by taking a bath.

To make your bath experience most similar to a true spa experience, you can incorporate bath bombs and soaks. These products use essential oils and natural ingredients to soften your skin and emit relaxing scents that make you feel wonderful. Shower steamers are another great option (for more information click here).

4. Use of Crystals

If you’ve been to a spa recently, you’ve probably seen crystals displayed in the area. Different crystals have different purposes and powers to help you unwind.

Even the visual of crystals in your spa bathroom will help you relax.

5. Paint with Calming Colors

To create the ultimate spa look bathroom, you can repaint the area using calming, neutral colors.

This small change will make the entire room feel new and updated.

Transform Your Bathroom and Your Life

Making these small changes to your bathroom will instantly make your own bathroom feel like a luxury spa.

You will make sure to find time to unwind in your new bathroom spa. You won’t regret making these improvements as the benefits to your mind, body, and soul will be immeasurable.

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Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa