Straight Talking: 3 of the Best Hair Straightening Treatments

Straight Talking: 3 of the Best Hair Straightening Treatments

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People with straight hair never seem to appreciate how unattainable those silky strands are.

It seems they’re always trying to curl it, or doing crazy things to it like cutting it all off.

Meanwhile, you’ve spent your life frying your hair with a straightener just to find it frizzing back up at the end of the day.

Straight Talking: 3 of the Best Hair Straightening Treatments

Now you’re tired of spending an hour on your hair in the morning and looking for a more long-term solution for healthier hair. We’ve got three for you!

Check out the hair straightening treatments below.

1. Brazilian Straightening (A Keratin Treatment)

There are two countries known for their hair straightening techniques – Brazil and Japan. We’ll get into the Japanese method later.

The Brazilian method uses Keratin, a protein that’s already in your hair. Since it’s an organically existing compound, it’s safe than some of the more chemical methods.

What’s it like? If you choose to get a Keratin treatment, like at Petersham Hair Co, they’ll put a solution on your hair. Once it sits for a little while they’ll flat iron your hair with the solution still on it.

Then you have about five or six months of silky, smooth, straight hair to flip around town. You can extend your results and keep your hair straighter by using keratin-friendly shampoos and conditioners between treatments.

When the straight becomes curly or wavy again, go ahead and reschedule an appointment. Keratin treatments are safe enough to do back-to-back.

2. Japanese Straightening (Thermal Reconditioning)

What is one thing that Japanese culture is well known for? Doing things thoroughly, even if it takes a long time. And this straightening process checks off both of those boxes.

If you choose to go this route, prepare to be in the salon for six to eight hours while they work through the treatment. You’ll have to return within the same week to add the finishing touches.

Though this treatment lasts just as long as a Keratin straightening, it’s not as natural. This is something you want once or twice every few years – don’t schedule one every six months. If you do, your hair will be a fried and frizzy mess.

3. Hair Relaxing

You usually see women of color opting for this method, as it’s ideal for tight curls and wavy hair. There’s a reason that it’s third on our list though, the chemicals can be dangerous.

If the stylist doesn’t pay attention or doesn’t know what they’re doing, you can get chemical burns on your scalp. Not just that, but the process may not give you straight hair, but limp and lifeless strands.

If you’re opting for Chemical straightening or relaxing, make sure you pay the money and go to a reputable salon. You’ll thank yourself in the long run!

Hair Straightening Treatments

If you’re ready to put the flatiron down for good, or at least for six months, the treatments above are a good choice for you. The only thing you need to know is where you can get these hair straightening treatments and which one best fits your hair type and your budget.

No time to straighten your hair? Get hair extensions!

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The Best Hair Straightening Treatments