Teeth Trends: 5 Interesting Dental Fads around the World

Teeth Trends: 5 Interesting Dental Fads around the World

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In the modern world today, ideal teeth are largely viewed as those that are white in color, perfectly shaped and straight. The society views people with such perfect teeth as easily approachable, successful and more charismatic. However, this does not seem to be the case in other parts of the world.

There are a number of peculiar and interesting dental trends that are emerging thanks to advancement in technologies as well as patients who are better-educated and informed. Here are five interesting dental fads found around the world.


Women in Japan are spending a lot of cash to get crooked teeth referred to as yaeba or “snaggleteeth.” In Japan such teeth are considered cute while the rest of the world sees them as imperfect. There are reports that men find the imperfect smiles on women having the snaggletooth attractive and childlike. When you choose to have the snaggletooth, you will be able to chew normally as your functional and functional teeth remain intact underneath. The snaggletooth became a cosmetic craze thanks to Tomomi Itano from AKB48 and other celebrities in Japan who sport the rogue chompers.

Diamond Implants

In the past, white teeth were used to showcase the best of smiles but nowadays a jewel is used to make your smile spectacular. A large number of celebrities have posted their images on social media networks to showcase their diamond teeth. Diamond teeth add a sparkle to your smile and are embedded on your gum completely. The diamond implants are expensive and will make you have a hard time chewing food. You should be careful not to bite a hard substance as your diamond implants could crack.

Widening Tooth Gap

tooth gap

A number of individuals are finding enlarged diastema fashionable. Diastema refers to the gap that exists between the two frontal incisors. If you do not have the natural diastema gap on your incisors then you could be at risk of developing possible problems and hindering the normal growth of your jaw when you go for the artificial type. It is possible for a dentist to artificially widen the gap on your two incisors.


gold teeth

In the recent past, there was the “grillz” dental craze that had swept over the nation. A lot of celebrities and popular people opted for the grillz back then. In the modern world, you will find patients requesting for their teeth to be encrusted with jewels and gold. This fashion statement was meant to showcase wealth by players in the music industry. At the moment, it is possible for you to meet with dozens of people who have taken up this trend but wear removable grillz to bedazzle their teeth temporarily.

Vampire Fangs

Dreadful woman showing vampire teeth isolated on black

Movies and shows depicting Vampires like Twilight and the Vampire Diaries seem to have influenced this latest craze in the dental world. In order to sport the vampire fangs, you will need to identify the dentists who are skilled and experienced in carrying out the elongation and sharpening of your canines. These dentists use temporary capping or bonding procedures to elongate and sharpen your canine to appear like vampire fangs. This form of cosmetic dentistry can be easily removed or altered when a new and better trend emerges.

Dentistry has not been spared by the generality of life that brings about fads and gimmicks. The last decade alone has seen the area of dentistry go through a remarkable change. Dentists have experienced advancement on various fronts that include fresh technologies and materials. This is the reason behind the various fresh trends that you must have noted in the industry like having LED teeth. If you choose to have the LED teeth fitted on your mouth, you will look like you have taken a bite of a radioactive substance. All the fads discussed above are enough proof that the dental industry has indeed seen the birth of new teeth trends in various parts of the world.

5 Interesting Dental Fads around the World