The Best Men’s Jewelry Trends of 2019

The Best Men's Jewelry Trends of 2019

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The right jewelry can make or break an outfit. But is this advice specifically for women? Not at all! More men are taking style seriously, and their focus doesn’t end with clothing. More men are investing in jewelry.

The Best Men's Jewelry Trends of 2019

You shouldn’t just wear any jewelry piece. Like with women, men’s jewelry trends come and go.

With summer right around the corner, there are many hot summer jewelry trends for men. Here are hot male jewelry trends right now.

Leather and Pearl Necklaces

Pearl was always thought to be a feminine jewelry piece. Not anymore! Pearl combines the best of style and minimalism — both are the goals of modern male fashion.

A single pearl around a leather necklace screams both masculinity and charm.

Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches are one of the most innovative pieces this year. A skeleton watch’s design comes from the essential mechanical parts.

Instead of covering these pieces up, a skeleton watch only has a clear covering to expose its individual mechanical parts. This gives the skeleton watch a steampunk look, which is another very hot trend in male fashion.

Braided Jewelry

Remember how we mentioned minimalism? Another hot minimalist-inspired jewelry piece is braided jewelry. You’ll mainly see braided bracelets, but you can also wear braided necklaces and rings.

Braided jewelry comes in a variety of different colors and materials. These bracelets are simple enough to match with any outfit and to wear to any occasion, but they add a subtle edginess to any outfit.

Artistic Chains

Remember when the hot trend was big chains? Men are still wearing long chains, but they’re making them a little more artistic. This heightens the creativity of the outfit, making a man look more unique.

How do you go about finding artistic chains? Find ones with eye-popping accessories, such as animal bones. You can also look for gemstones, feathers, crystals, carved wood, and anything else that will stand out.

In addition, the bigger the better! Don’t settle for a short chain. Ensure the chain is long so the pendant is the center of attention.


Marble is one of the most unique aspects of men’s jewelry fashion this year. Jewelry makers are designing popular jewelry items such as rings with marble accents. The subtle print creates a show-stopping addition to any outfit.

Gold Everything

If you’re the kind of guy who likes classic jewelry trends, then take out all your gold jewelry. Gold everything is in right now. From gold facial piercings to men’s bracelets gold, gold is a recognizable metal that packs a lot of power.

Do You Need More Male Jewelry?

Did these male jewelry trends help you? From artsy necklaces to pearl, men can see some surprising trends in jewelry this year.

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