The Changing Trends of Cosmetic Packaging Designs in 2020

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The new upcoming fashion trends have shocked the industry. From normal people to Hollywood stars people love to follow the latest and upcoming fashion trends. This passion is common in both men and women. But most of the cosmetic and makeup products are designed from women only. These fashion items may include makeup kits, beauty creams, face wash, lipsticks, lip gloss and much more.  With each upcoming day, the demands of these products are increasing.

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Coty, L’Oréal, Revlon, and Estee Lauder are some famous brands whose products are like by the people of the United States. Except, the quality of their products, they are also paying great attention to their branding and packaging designs. They are changing their packaging design frequently and all the efforts are done to attract the people towards their product. They like to use custom product boxes for the packaging of their items. Also, some add-ons like shine or matte lamination and option of gold foil.  

The United States is a hub where people love entrepreneurship. Many people like to open their own cosmetic brands. But there is already a tough competition in the market. Although they pay some attention to the quality of their actual product, on the other hand, they ignore the importance of custom printed packaging along with branding. So, we have decided to publish some good tips for the people who want to launch their own cosmetic brand.

Gone are the days when people used blank or pre-made packaging items. Nowadays, people like to use branded packaging items. In the United States, product boxes by duke packaging are pretty famous among the people.

Selection of a correct stock for your fashion items

Before finalizing anything about your product’s packaging design, you should know about the selection of appropriate stock. For normal products like lipstick or lip gloss (that are lightweight products) people like to use cardboard stock. You can select the thickness of the card from 12pt to 24pt. Also, you can seek any help from any custom packaging company that is offering free design and shipping support for cosmetic products. Kraft card stock is also used by some companies that are light brownish in color by default.

Luxury Cosmetic Items

The luxury cosmetic fashion items that might include perfumes, large makeup kits, Foundations, brightening pens, etc. require some special packaging boxes. For them, people like to use the rigid stock. Also, for those people like to use foldable rigid boxes, 2 piece rigid boxes or thick gable boxes. 

Technologies used for the packaging of cosmetic items

Packaging and printing companies are now using offset printing on the boxes to make them attractive for the fashion industry. Offset printing is an advanced technology as compared to digital printing that is why it is liked by the people. It provides clearer and long-lasting results as compared to digital printing.

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Companies like to print their own logo on the cosmetic packaging boxes. The option of the embossed or debossed logo is also available for the people. These factors can make your product very attractive to new customers.

Tip for New Startups and Newly Emerging Cosmetic Companies

Cosmetic brands that have already captured the market are difficult to outrank. So, you may need some special strategy from them. Here, good quality and attractive custom printed boxes can do your job. Let me explain this point in detail for you. 

Your packaging item would be the first factor that a new customer would see. Even before buying your product, the customer will see the quality of your packaging design. So, we could say that your cosmetic packaging design would be the first factor for a person to decide to purchase a product or not. If your cosmetic product has an attractive artwork as compared to your business competitor than this packaging design can give you a good lead. That is the reason that many fashion designers emphasize more on branding as compared to anything else. I am sure that these tips would help you a lot if you are going to start a new fashion brand or even if you are going to launch any cosmetic product in the market.

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