The Next Fitness Trend: Exercise Bike Chairs

Exercise Bike Chairs

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It’s good to keep on top of the latest fitness trends since these will often come with new technology and ideas for keeping you as fit as possible, and making sure you have a lot of fun doing it. Here are a few examples of trends in fitness that could end up being the next big thing.

Training with Body Weight

Many people are now supplementing the obvious base line of using athletic equipment with some simpler techniques. After all, your body does have a mechanism for staying in shape all by itself. By simply training using your body’s own weight, such as with pushups, pull ups, and so on, you have a powerful natural tool for staying in shape. Many gyms are adding no-gear programs to their routines as a result, making this a growing new trend in fitness.

High-Intensity Interval

The ever increasingly high pace of society means that a lot of people are using a lack of time as an excuse to not exercise nearly enough. The high-intensity interval approach is one answer to this excuse. The approach focuses on short bursts of high intensity exercise during very small amounts of time throughout the day.

Researchers in McMaster University, for example, recommend doing ten one-minute sprints on an exercise bike with one minute rest in between at a pace of three times per week. This approach lets you get an intense workout for burning a maximum amount of calories instead of a maximum amount of time. As a result, this is a growing trend for people with packed modern schedules.

Outside Workouts

The “return to nature” approach to all aspects of lifestyle has been an increasing trend in modern times, and shows every indicator of being a big upcoming trend in fitness. Many experts are saying that doing exercises outside is a better approach for getting rid of negative factors like stress, frustration, tension, depression and so on then doing the same exercises outside. This is why outdoor exercising is a trend that continues to gain ground among health professionals.

Working Out at Work

Many companies are now allowing specialized fitness equipment for use at work. Some companies even have exercise rooms built into their work buildings so employees can get quick workouts during their lunch breaks, or when they aren’t required to do anything else during a slow day, for example.  Additionally, there’s a trend towards having exercise bike chairs in some places of work so people can work out even while they are typing at a computer. After all, if this doesn’t distract too much, there’s no reason to keep people from doing it if productivity is the most important thing.

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And there’s actually plenty of evidence that points to the fact that healthier, happier employees will be more productive, have less sick leave, and cause less problems at work. Perhaps this is why there’s such a strong continuing trend towards letting employees exercise more.

Overall, the next trends in fitness are tending towards increased health in all aspects of life, with an emphasis on productivity and saving time.