Tools of the Trade: 6 of the Best Skin Care Gadgets You Need to Add to Your Routine


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Remember how your mother always washed her face? Cold cream, lots and lots of cold creams. Scrubbing, more scrubbing.

Then even more cream.

Now, you can get a step up on aging with skin care tools that do a bunch of work for you. Quicker process and less of an arm workout.


Here we go over our top 6 that need to be in your daily regimen, yesterday.

6 of the Best Skin Care Tools You Need to Add to Your Routine

Vibrating gold bars to microneedles, these are the new tools and gadgets for skincare. Exfoliation isn’t the only game in town, folks.

The Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar

As far as facial tools go, this one seems a bit peculiar. How exactly does vibrating metal help my face?

This 24-carat gold vibrating bar simulates a professional facial massage. It wakes up the muscles and blood vessels. This gives you a fresher and rosier complexion.

Made in Japan the bar comes in at a little under $200.

ReFa Clear Exfoliating Brush

This beauty device uses sonic ion technology. It exfoliates and cleans your skin like never before.

This brush has super soft bristles. It uses a pulsing action to encourage the dirt out of your pores. This will get you a super deep clean. The price tag is $300 on this little beauty.


The Skin INC Supplement Bar

This is one of the more intriguing skin care devices on our list. It uses five different hued LED lights to solve different skin care issues.

This light bar renews and repairs skin cells to create a healthy glow. It will cost you $295 but, if it does all it says, worth it.



Another skin care tool using lights to help the skin, LightStim claims wonders in minutes a day.

Using “multiwave” light technology it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They also claim it brings a glow back to the skin. This device puts your skin into a process like plants.

Your skin turns light into energy. That energy encourages new skin cell formation and a rejuvenated complexion. Coming in under $250 the price tag matches the claims.


GloPRO® Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool

So, beauty gadgets don’t scare me. Well, until I heard about microneedling.

By damaging the skin with tiny needles you stimulate the cellular repair process. As the skin repairs these microabrasions it also smooths the skin.

The process also allows your skin to absorb 200 times more product. This means your potions and lotions will be more effective. This at-home needler will cost you $199.


Consider Dermaplaning

For once, going to a professional could cost less. One way to get the effects of all these tools is dermaplaning.

It’s exfoliating. Gets rid of trapped dirt and grime. It promotes the growth of new skin cells which leads to smoother skin. The procedure costs around $75-$150 in a doctors office.

Get Out There And Make Your Skin The Best It Can Be!

We hope you’re ready to go out and try the newest skin care tools and procedures this year.

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