Top 4 Trends in Men’s Jacket This Winter

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Jackets are the best way to beat the cold and look stylish at the same time. If you are a trendsetter who wants to keep up to date with the current trends in fashion, then you should get yourself well versed with the trend in men’s jackets this winter. This season, the men’s jackets have been innovated. There is a blend of the chic and high fashion with uber cool sporty style. Given below are the top four trends in men’s jackets this winter –

  1. Length No Bar – This season, the length of the jacket you flaunt doesn’t matter. You can wear a long jacket like a parka or a short biker jacket. If you want to wear short jackets then sporty biker jackets are the latest trend. They are fitted and have a rugged look while being chic fashionable. If long jackets are for you, then you can wear double breasted jackets with a slim fit. The simple jackets have been transformed this season with complex cuts, like fashionable necklines and layering. You can try out layering as well. Wear a short jacket with a longer coat.


  1. Leather Is The Top Pick – This season, if you want to be fashionable add a touch of leather to your jackets. You can jackets made from fur, wool or denim, but leather detailing in the form of shoulder or elbow batch is a must. If you think that leather jacket is a little too much for you, then you can use it for a little detailing, but if you are ready to flaunt it then you can use leather as the base material. There are many designers who have played with techniques to give their leather a different look. It can have a rough, worn-out look for a more rugged sporty edge or it can have smooth sheen for a jacket that you can wear to a more formal event. The trend this season is a little defined by the biker jacket, so the predominance is on the retro look with the military styled jacket.


  1. Color – Men do not usually experiment with colors. This season you will see the predominance of colours like green, gray and red. Black, as always, is in fashion. If you want to stand out, you can always wear summer shades like white and off-white. You can try these colours especially for your formal suits and stand out in a crowd of blue and black.


  1. Checkered Prints – Jackets in check fabric are hot this season. You must have seen them on the runway as well on the streets. This is one trend that any man can pull off. These check jackets look good when they are worn with fitted pants. To be on the safer side, it is always good if you stick to shades like black, gray, green and red.

Fashion trends change quickly but your personal style and comfort remains forever. If you want to shop for jackets that are in fashion, you can always buy them online.