Top 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Traveling With Family

family vacation

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If you are an experienced traveler you already have plenty of knowledge of what you SHOULD do during your family vacation. Don’t worry if you don’t! You can go online and find as much useful information about where to go with kids, what to do, and how to rent a seven seater in DEN Airport, of course, if you are going to Denver this time, as you can.

What about popular family trip mistakes? You can hardly find information about all the mistakes parents make when traveling with kids.


Most of the people rent a car or book a flight based exclusively on price. Of course, everyone wants a great deal and nobody wants to overpay. What makes the price of your car? As a rule, airport car rental locations take the highest prices. But if you want to have a big choice, you should take the car from the airport location. They have the biggest choice of cars. Otherwise, how much will it cost for you to travel to the city car rental location? How much time and efforts will it take? Besides, it is not convenient to travel through the unknown city overloaded with valises and kids. A free shuttle can take you to the rental office with comfort.


Mistake 1

Travel with kids the same way like you did before kids

This is must be the biggest mistake you can make when traveling. Everything is different now. You should select a family car, comfortable for young and adults family members. Also, you’d better to check a hotel with kiddy activities, a healthy food restaurant, and a new travel plan. Do you have a plan? The plan of your trip depends on your kids’ schedule. Planning activities, consider a sleep time for kids and relax hours before the next activity. Do you want to go hiking? Consider the age of your kids and their physical form. Also, whenever you go, you MUST HAVE an emergency kit in the car.

Mistake 2

Book a room because it comes for cheaper price

Do you really think that booking a room will be more comfortable for your family? Many budget travelers think that booking a room is what they really need because of the cheap price. Book a suite instead. The hotel is not only a refrigerator with drinks and snacks. First of all, this is a place for sleep and rest. It often happens that your kids go to bed earlier so that you can stay awake in the living room.

Mistake 3

Visit as many city attractions as possible

It is a big mistake to see as many places as you can just in one day. It would be difficult for your kids to change many different traveling through the city. Plan your trip beforehand. Try to consider your kids’ interests and make up a perfect adequate plan. How many excursions should you take per day? How far are you going to travel from your hotel? Are there any healthy restaurants where you are going? Even if the city is overfilled with attractions, pick the most interesting of them. Trying to having it all immediately is nothing but wasting time. It is better to have one-two excursions and spend the rest of the day at the pool instead of running round in circles.

Mistake 4

Don’t mind traffic

This can be the biggest trouble! Traveling to Orlando, Long Beach or Colorado to watch local attractions and spend a quality time with your kids, try to consider local rules and traffic. Select the rental location wisely. You can use mobile apps to learn all possible variants and learn everything about the place you are going to. Find parking. Going to somewhere at a peak time, it really pays to stop the car within walking distance from the park or restaurant to get there on foot. It can save your time.

Mistake 5

It is cheaper to use public transport

Every traveling family knows that there is no better way of traveling that the car rental. A seven seater will be perfect if you are 5-7. Of course, it is not cheap, but it is cheaper than taking buses-trolleybuses all the time. Besides, traveling by car you are free to go where you want and stop where you want. Big cities may have problems with parking, especially in the city center. If you want, you can leave your car at the hotel parking and continue your trip on foot when the traffic is heavy.

We all know that it is impossible to travel without making mistakes. Traveling with kids, you should avoid making them. Just spend efforts to make your trip maximum comfortable and enjoyable.