Top 5 Swimsuit Trends This Year

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Last Updated on May 24, 2021 by Steal the Style

This Spring / Summer looks promising in the area of swimwear. There is something for everyone – the young, the not so young, thin or plus size swimwear, you name it and the fashion gurus have it. There are many interesting ideas that have come up and are sure to make a lasting impression on the fashion world. Also, there are some old and gold styles that stay in this season as well. The following swimwear trends are something you should watch out for.

Floral As Ever

Floral prints have always been spring/summer favorites, especially in swimwear. They look feminine and fun, coming on various colors to keep it interesting and bright. You can go for vibrant colors and eccentric big patterns or you can opt for small floral prints in neutral shades, whatever you choose it is sure pretty and trending this season. The colors to look out for are pinks, reds and oranges.



New Lingerie Swimwear

The hottest trend this season, lingerie inspired swimwear trends are turning quite a lot of heads because of their originality and oomph factor. Your beach is now your bedroom as swimwear comes with defined cups and lingerie inspired fabrics. There are multi-straps for extra support and corset look is great as well.



Color Blocking On The Beach

Color blocking continues to be the blue eyed trend this year as well and will surely make an appearance in swimwear too. Go bold and ballistic as you mix and match your favorite colors and look unique and chic on the beach. Always remember the golden rule of color blocking – never involve more than three colors.




The Vintage And Retro Look

If you have followed the trends of the previous seasons, you would notice that high waisted bottoms have been quite a rage with people. And why not? They are very stylish and hence, find a place with this year’s swimwear collection too. The tops get bustier and bottoms have gone retro, giving a very vintage air to the fashion scene. You will surely be transported back to the glorious times of 40s and 50s with ruffles and prints.



Bold Prints And Patterns

There have been many prints in the past seasons and swimwear is affected by the wonderful print wave as well. Tribal prints have made a comeback where tops are ethnic and traditional or bold and loud. There are prints of delicate feathers and zigzag geometric designs that would look amazing on the beach. Also, the color palette is taken straight from the ocean with blues and greens appearing this season. 


This season comes with many fabrics that are not that common in swimwear. Also, styles like brocade, which we seldom imagine in swimwear, seems to be trending. Hence, the motto for this season is to be open-minded and embrace the crazy trends with open arms. Be a little bold and give the new styles a shot.

Top 5 Swimsuit Trends This Year