How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Treat Your Clothes Right

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Linen, silk, cotton – these natural fabrics add sophistication to your wardrobe. And each requires special attention. If you want to make your clothing last longer, you’ll need to learn how to properly care for your garments.

Dealing With Spots and Stains

Celebrities may have the luxury of replacing pieces when they get too ragged to wear, but you need to be able to keep your clothing looking its best, even after multiple washings. Many of the top name brand pieces of apparel need to be dry-cleaned. The fine fabrics simply cannot withstand the stresses of the washer and dryer.

If clothing can go in the washing machine, make sure that you use the gentlest cycle. Pre-treat stains, rather than using a more rigorous washing cycle. To further protect your clothing, consider investing in a steam washing machine, which is gentler than a traditional washer. Instead of using high heats in the dryer, air dry or use the fluff cycle to keep clothes looking their best.

For clothing that cannot go in the washer, consider trying an at-home dry cleaning method. Home dry cleaning kits can be quite effective. Also, many dry-clean-only fabrics, like wool and cashmere, can be hand washed in cold water using a gentle detergent, as long as you dry them flat. If your piece is made from silk, suede or leather, have it cleaned by a professional.

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The detergent you use when cleaning your clothing is almost as important as the washing method. Some detergents are simply too harsh for high-end clothing, while others do nothing to remove spots and stains. Good Housekeeping recently tested over 70 of the top detergents on the market, and they found Ultra Tide Plus Bleach powder to be the best on stains. The bleach is color-friendly, so it won’t cause your clothes to fade.

Keeping Clothing Ready for the Next Wear

Once you’ve cleaned your clothes, you need to store them properly so they are ready to wear when you need them. Always clean your clothing before you store it, because stains can set over time. Some people advocate the use of vacuum seal bags for storing clothing, but  that could encourage mold growth. Clothing needs to breathe.

Keep moths away with natural cedar blocks, instead of smelly mothballs, and toss a few silica gel packets into the drawer or closet to prevent mold.

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Hang your clothes on non-metal hangers to avoid rust damage. Separate each piece with acid free tissue paper, so the garments do not bleed onto one another. If the clothing item in question has a lot of folds or creases, place tissue paper on the fold lines. This helps preserve the integrity of the fabric and prevents the fibers from breaking.

Making Clothes Look Presentable

Crisp, wrinkle-free clothing is vital when you want to look your best, but ironing some fabrics is a no-no because they burn easily. Garment steamers are what clothing stores use to make their displays look great, and you can buy one to use at home to help your clothing look professional. Just about any fabric can be steamed.

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Steamers may cost a bit more than irons, but if you have a lot invested in your wardrobe, a steamer may help protect that investment from damage.

When you  invest in your wardrobe, you want to be able to wear your clothes for more than one season. And that should be a snap, as long as you properly care for your clothes.