Using Black Fascinators To Define Your Style

Using Black Fascinators to Define Your Style

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Fascinators have been in use for several decades now. An Australian designer defines it as – a modified and a stylish version of a hat that no longer serves the purpose of a hat. The term fascinator was coined in America in the 1860s. Fascinators are just modified cocktail hats and have a vivid history of style attached to it. It all started when it became fashionable to attach a featherhead, a beaded comb, a veil, or any such accessory to a beehive hairstyle instead of wearing a full hat. With this, fascinators became a necessary attribute of high-society events and the races.

Black Fascinator

Now, at present, fascinators are not only worn at elite events, fashion shows and film festivals, but they are also worn at weddings. Choosing fascinators for an outfit needs a good taste in fashion. Out of all the elegance that a fascinator has to offer, a black fascinator trumps it. So, choosing a suitable black fascinator needs a lot of consideration. The colour black defines perfection and simplicity. Personally, I believe that a black fascinator is suitable for every occasion if you choose correctly. As the black colour is known to stand out uniquely in your outfit, you need to pick a fascinator that suits and complements the shape of your face.

First, determine the shape of your face. This is known to many women, but if you one of those people who are uncertain about how to determine the face shape, I have a simple trick. Stand in front of the mirror and pull your hair back completely with a headband. Then, use a lip-line or an eyeliner to trace the outline of your face on the mirror. Now, you can easily tell whether your face shape is round, oval, heart-shaped, oblong, or rectangular.

Once this is determined, you can know which type of black fascinator would suit you the best.

For people with oval shaped faces, it is pretty easy to pick the right fascinator, especially in black colour because almost all styles suit them. In this case, you should consider your height. As a black fascinator is a bit bold, a big fascinator may look overwhelming on short people. A wide-brimmed black fascinator is the best choice for people with more height and an oval shaped face.

  • Oblong shaped face

An oblong shape is similar to an elongated oval. An elongated face is synonymous to wide forehead and jawline. So, find a fascinator that covers a part or the whole of your forehead. While positioning the fascinator on a side, try tilting it towards the front or choose a classical bell-shaped cloche fascinator.

  • Rectangular shaped face

People with this shape have a firm and well-defined jawline. So, they need a fascinator to soften the jawline. Could there be a better suiting fascinator than an asymmetrical black fascinator or a wide-brimmed summer hat? You can look for feather and flower trimming style that can optically cut the rigid features of your face.

  • Heart shaped face

Unlike the rectangular shaped face, the heart shaped face has only a wide forehead. The chin is narrow and pointed, which makes the face look lovely. Mostly, all fascinator types look beautiful on such faces. But there are some types to avoid. Small and black fascinators is a bad idea as it will highlight your wide forehead and make it appear even bigger. Also, if the fascinator has an extra-large brim, it will hide your face and emphasise on your pointy chin which again is not a good idea. Medium sized black fascinators suit this type of face the best.

As black is a colour that stands out in the complete outfit and also offers a touch of classiness to the look, choosing black fascinator needs to be done with a little extra care. Try to take into consideration your height along with the shape of the face.