Ways to Ensure You Choose the Best E-Liquid for You

Is Vaping Stylish?

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As we all know that smoking is a dangerous habit that has claimed the lives of many people in recent years. Though smoking is bad for anyone’s health, those who smoke find it hard to quit because of its highly addictive nature. Among the many tobacco cigarette replacements, e-cigs have been in the forefront in helping many people quit smoking for good. Since they were introduced to the market, e-cigars have received a lot of the limelight from the media. Many people are using them as an aid in quitting smoking, thus making them more popular. It is understandable for anyone to be overwhelmed by the many different types of e-liquid on the market. Knowing the type of e-juice that is best for you may be difficult for many people.

Is Vaping Stylish?

Here are the things you should consider when choosing the right e-juice for you.


The first thing you should consider when choosing the type of e-juice to purchase is the flavor. It is important to note that though the nicotine present in e-liquids is important, the flavor is what determines whether you will continue using the e-cig. It is recommended to start with flavors that resemble the type of cigarettes you used to smoke. Cigarette flavored e-liquid will help you get used to vaping and you will not find a need to go back to your regular cigarettes. Once you get used to vaping, you may be comfortable with using e-liquids with other different flavors. Make sure that you buy an e-liquid with a flavor that you desire.


As stated earlier, nicotine is crucial when it comes to e-liquid. What makes people addicted to tobacco cigarettes is nicotine, and without it, the body suffers from withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine in e-liquid helps those who are trying to quit. Those vaping will still feel the way they did when they smoked. The only difference is that they will not be exposed to the many toxic chemicals found in cigarettes. 

Different types of e-liquids have different levels of nicotine. Those who are heavy smokers can start vaping with e-liquids that have a high amount of nicotine and gradually reduce the amount with time. Since the e-cigarette industry has grown so rapidly, you can now purchase cheap e juice through various online retailers.

PG and VG

PG and VG are common phrases in vaping, so perhaps you might have come across them. They are what comprises the e-liquid solution. E-liquid that contains propylene glycol (PG) tends to have more flavor but weaker vapor. On the other hand, e-liquids containing vegetable glycerol (VG) do not have as much flavor but have stronger vapor.


To find the best e-liquid, you should test various types to determine what you prefer. It is important to always choose products from a reliable brand to have the best quality e-liquid on the market. Smoking is bad for those who smoke and others around them, so to have good health, you should stop the habit.