Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive


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Feeling attractive makes one feel good and confident. Being attractive is not only about physical looks, it is the way one dresses, the way they carry themselves and how they interact with other people. It is the whole package.

The need to feel attractive is a primal human need that determines our social lives as well as our earnings. Some studies even suggest that attractive people earn more money.

While there is little you can do about your physical features unless you opt for cosmetic surgery, there is plenty you can do to improve your appearance.

Use these ways to make yourself more attractive.

Wear clothes that fit

You don’t have to spend your life savings on a wardrobe overhaul buying designer clothes to make yourself more attractive. A simple adjustment can do the trick: wear well-fitting clothes.

Baggy clothes hide make you look clumsy and bigger than you actually are. If you are trying to hide a bulging belly with baggy clothes, then perhaps it is time you thought of ways to get rid of it.

Clothes that are too tight on the other hand will make you look and feel uncomfortable as expose some body parts which should otherwise be covered.

Exercise regularly

Regularly exercise does not only improve your health but also makes you look more attractive. Exercise makes you feel good about yourself and elevates your mood, and nothing can be more attractive than a smile and confidence.

Furthermore, exercises can improve your posture which significantly improves your appearance.

Smell good

Use a cologne or deodorant to mask your body odor. Walking around reeking of sweat will only repel people away from you, further denting your confidence.

The good news is that most colognes are affordable. Do not however go for cheap fake ones that last for days before wearing off.

Apply your cologne moderately such that only those who are close enough can get the hint of the fragrance.

Shoe game

Your shoes are the first thing people notice about you. Investing in quality footwear adds a spring to your step and will leave you feeling confident during your social interactions.

Shoes also compliment your outfit and it would be a great injustice to wear an attractive outfit with shoes that have seen better days.

While you are at it, also take care of your feet. Trim and cut your toenails.

Take care of your hair

Everyone has bad hair days but that is not an excuse to leave your hair looking scruffy. Wash your hair with shampoo regularly to avoid strange smells emanating from it. There are simple DIY hair styles that you can do when going to the salon is not tenable.


Drink plenty of water. Being properly hydrated is important for your health as well as your skin.

Dehydration will make your skin dry and it may even start cracking. It is even worse for your lips which may become flaky.

Drink plenty of water for a smooth glowing skin.