Wear Perfume You Love: A Guide to Finding Your Signature Scent

Wear Perfume You Love

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Perfume is a staple for women. It helps a woman release her inner femininity and is a great way to attract a partner.

For many women, perfume is a must-own item.

Wear Perfume You Love

But how do you choose the perfect perfume? How do you wear perfume that suits your desires and brings out your personality?

When you walk into a shop and see the variety of perfumes available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

We’ve prepared this buying guide to help you choose the best perfume.

Wear Perfume That’s Best For You

The first thing to know is that there is no one perfume that is best for you. You should always have a collection of different perfumes for different occasions. There are ones that will be for everyday use and ones for special occasions, such as the Gucci Premiere – a personal favorite of ours.

If you are serious about finding your signature scent, set aside a budget to purchase at least 3 perfumes.

Here’s what you need to know about finding the best perfume for you:

1. Floral

Floral perfumes are a generic favorite for all women and work for any occasion. However, these are especially good for romantic occasions. Floral fragrances have been used by women to seduce others or to ignite the mood on a romantic evening. This is a great option for bringing out your inner sensuality.

Choose a strong floral scent if this is your goal. If you don’t want to make too bold of a statement, you can opt for a soft floral, fruity, or floral oriental fragrance.

These add a strong flavor to your perfume and are only noticeable when someone is close to you.

2. Woody

This type of fragrance is more commonly found in men’s cologne as opposed to women’s perfume. Nevertheless, it’s a great choice and might just be part of your signature scent. It’s one we love to recommend.

These have a stronger and often overbearing fragrance. Many ‘woody’ perfumes have a scent of sandalwood. These are great for a romantic occasion. If you plan on cuddling or relaxing with your partner on the beach, this is a great choice.

3. Oriental

If you want a versatile perfume that can be work at work, a romantic evening, or after a strenuous workout, you want to go for an oriental perfume.

These perfumes are best to be worn during the winter months. Oriental perfumes include flavors such as vanilla, cardamom, myrrh, and pepper.

Softer forms of oriental perfume also include sandalwood and are closer to the ‘woody’ type of fragrance. If you find ‘woody’ perfumes to not be subtle enough, then opt for a subtle form of oriental perfume.

4. Fresh

Fresh is the most versatile type of fragrance. These can be worn at anytime and are perfect as an everyday perfume. We recommend that you own at least one brand of fresh perfume.

If you like bathing with scented soaps, you will definitely like using ‘fresh’ perfume. These perfumes have a fruit flavor including citrus, lime, and lavender.

You can choose fresh perfume with a strong fragrance (‘aromatic’) if you want to make an impression. If you want a subtler fragrance, such as ‘grassy’ or ‘water.’

These perfumes are great for the summer. If you live in an area that can become immensely hot, then you should purchase a smaller fresh perfume that you can fit in your purse and carry on the go.

5. Choose Your Concentration

You also want to consider the concentration of the aromatic compounds in your perfume. The higher the concentration, the stronger the scent. You want to consider what is best for your wants.

Here is what you need to know:

Parfum will contain a range of 20% to 30% of aromatic compounds. These are the strongest flavors and are found in perfumes that you would use for a special occasion.

Eau de Parfum will contain a range of 10% to 30% of aromatic compounds. If you purchase one on the lower end of aromatic compounds, you will have a subtle scent – perfect for everyday use.

Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne have the lowest amount of aromatic compounds. These are if you want to be as understated as possible. These can be used for work, for post-workout, or for everyday use.

6. Ask The Experts

When you walk into a shop to purchase perfume, don’t feel shy to ask the experts. The sales staff will be well-versed in different fragrances. They will advise you on which ones are best for your personal tastes and for what occasions.

As salespersons, they might be obliged to sell you the most expensive perfumes. However, you should only purchase these if they fit your needs and personal preferences.

Make sure you inform them of your personal preferences and that you try a sample of each perfume before choosing them.

You also want to not choose luxury brands for the sake of them. While there are many great luxury brands such as the Gucci Premiere, you should also consider everyday perfumes that may not be from luxury brands.

Ignore the celebrity endorsements surrounding a perfume. What a celebrity prefers, you may not. You also don’t want to jump on a trend. If all of your friends use one type of perfume, but you don’t fancy it – you shouldn’t waste your money on the perfume.

7. Consider Your Mood

You want to consider your mood when buying perfume. If you like to make a statement when you are with others, perhaps you want a woody fragrance and want a Parfum.

If you like to have regular romantic evenings, you want to consider a floral perfume. You might also want a fresh Eau de Toilette for a post-workout or for everyday wear. You can also use it as a substitute for when you finish bathing.

Your moods and how you want to present yourself will help you determine the best types of perfume to use.

Find Your Perfumes

Now that you know how to wear perfume and find the best ones for your taste, you can find the best perfumes for all occasions. You’ll make an impression on others with your new perfumes! Shop this list of Top 10 stores to buy perfume now and pay later here