True Relation Between Fashion And Beauty

Fashion vs Beauty?

The true relation between fashion and beauty is the interdependency of their existence. Actually, they stay with each other. Even, you cannot detach them. The power of their relationship is so strong that they cannot live without each other. If we interpret fashion and beauty in identical manner, then we will get the true meaning […]

Six Tips on Coordinating Your Outfit with your Date for a Holiday Dance

Six Tips on Coordinating Your Outfit with your Date for a Holiday Dance

A well-coordinated couple stands out among the crowd. If there will be a photographer at the dance, you’ll also end up with great pictures that you’ll be happy to share with friends and family. You’ll impress your date and everyone else with these holiday outfit tips. Each one is sure to make you the best-dressed […]

How to be a Stylish Student Living on a Budget

How To Get Your Stylish Student Living On A Budget

With many students about to step back into student life globally and some venturing off to their first university they need to start thinking about affordable lifestyle choices and budgets for the next few years. Champagne lifestyles don’t really suit a student lemonade budget, after you’ve paid for tuition, accommodation and resources, there isn’t much […]

The Fashion Trends Spotted at New York Fashion Week

Models walk the runway

New York Fashion Week this fall was a burst of insane fashion trends that shocked even the biggest fashion die-hards. One one hand were many wearable pieces presented by designers looking to help women build their wardrobe, and on the other hand, there were many extravagant looks that seemed to only seem proper for donning […]

Top 5 Benefits of Attending Fashion Design School


When someone has a natural gift for something like singing or dancing or even fashion design, sometimes there is an assumption that it’s not as important to go to school for those talents as opposed to those who dream of someday becoming a doctor, lawyer or accountant. However, the one thing to keep in mind […]