Five Things Men Find Most Attractive In A Women

5 Things Men Find Most Attractive To A Woman

When it comes to the perfect woman, most men know exactly what they’re looking for in a potential mate. From the woman’s physical appearance to their confidence, there are several features that stand out to men and will cause them to pursue a particular type of women. For women who are in the dark on […]

Tips To Look Glamorous In An All Natural Way

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Less Is More Wearing a ton of makeup may seem glamorous, but piles of makeup can actually take away from your natural beauty. If you truly want to look glamorous in an all natural way, all you need are a few key pieces of makeup. Choose a foundation that goes on easy and accentuates your […]

Unique Looks Make Celebrities Famous

Famous celebrities don’t all have the perfect faces and figures. In fact, many celebrities are more memorable because of their imperfections. Jennifer Grey, the petite female lead in Dirty Dancing, was a crowd pleaser despite her obviously large beak, however her overly publicized nose job changed her from celebrity to anonymous overnight. For those who […]