Top 5 Disgusting Beauty Treatments (and celebrities who love them)

Many people envy the rich and famous, for the costs associated with keeping ones looks in check – for example through expensive beauty treatments and personal trainers – are no struggle for such individuals to meet.  

Your own jealousy is quite likely to dwindle however, after you read the following five examples of disgusting beauty treatments employed by famous folk…

Urine Therapy

Celebrity fans: Sarah Miles, Madonna

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Despite the fact there are no conclusive studies to prove the health and beauty benefits of bathing in and/or drinking your own urine, there are many that regularly choose to do exactly that regardless. The majority of these pee-lovers believe the yellow stuff has anti-cancer properties and can prevent the skin from ageing but we would all be indulging in these practises if this were the case!

British actress Sarah Miles (star of Blowup, 1966) has been drinking her own wee for over thirty years, claiming that urine therapy helps to improve the immune system’s ability to combat allergies. Pop legend Madonna meanwhile has also admitted – to talk show host David Lettermen – that she urinates over her own feet to keep athletes foot at bay. My, how the rich and famous live!

Bird Poo Facial

Celebrity fan: Victoria Beckham


Ex-Spice Girl and wife to professional footballer David Beckham,Victoria Beckham has always been a bit of a trend setter when it comes to the fashion stakes. I am sure many won’t be attempting to copy this less-than-pleasant step of her skin regime though – a facial made from the faeces of nightingales!

Also known as the ‘Geisha facial’ – because the main ingredient was first used by geishas to remove their thick make up with ease – this bird droppings facial is considered to tighten the epidermis and add essential enzymes to combat dull, tired-looking skin. The fact that the bird poo used is first sterilised does make the treatment seems a little less disgusting but still, I can’t see the facial becoming a beauty sensation for womankind any time soon (especially considering the $160 price tag per session).

Leech Therapy

Celebrity fan: Demi Moore

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Considering the fact that she divorced actor Ashton Kutcher – 16 years her minor – in 2011, it is hardly surprising that Hollywood actress Demi Moore would turn to extreme measures in order to hold on to her slowly fading good looks. But shaving off all body hair, bathing in turpentine and then stripping to get sucked by blood-thirsty leeches sounds like the behaviour of a madwoman, not someone looking for a beauty boost!

David Letterman was once again the man to whom Moore admitted her bizarre leech-orientated spa breaks, which she claims helps to purify the blood, eventually resulting in higher energy levels and a youthful appearance. Moore also claims that the procedure uses highly trained medical leeches (though how possible it is to train a leech I cannot tell you). The actress’ good looks are more likely a result of the many highly rumoured cosmetic procedures – totalling $250,000 – that she apparently went under in 2003. 

Foreskin Face Cream

Celebrity fan: Oprah Winfrey

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One would think that that which is removed during a baby boy’s circumcision is only fit for the medical bin but this is incorrect – it is estimated that a single foreskin can be worth up to $100,000 due to the almost endless number of biological tests that can be conducted with its fibroblast and the supposed beauty benefits of smearing the cells from such across the face.

Chat show queen Oprah Winfrey is one fan of foreskin-based face treatments and she has sung the praises of a product line called SkinMedica– marketed as an alternative to cosmetic surgery – on many occasions. Not only could such ‘TNS Recovery Complex’ products be considered gross but also somewhat immoral. Sadly, celebrity-types will do almost anything to remain looking good in front of the camera.

Placenta Facials

Celebrity fan: Jennifer Lopez

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Another morally ambiguous beauty treatment that is a hit with many of the Hollywood A-List is the placenta facial. The theory to using high vitamin, high hormone placenta extract (harvested from the placentas of human mothers) in beauty regimes is this; the placenta nourished an unborn baby during its crucial 9-month development and so it must be beneficial to the skinof a woman past her best years. No, I’m not convinced either!

Still, the treatment is one that Latino star Jennifer Lopez has admitted to undergoing on a twice weekly basis – at a cost of around $1,800 – in order to look far younger than her current 40 years.I wonder if placenta is the same substance she has had injected into her overly-generous buttocks?

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