4 Bold Ways To Wear Tights This Season

Bold Tights For Fall

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Whether it’s the first leaf fluttering down or the first crisp breeze rolling in, you will have the moment of realization that it’s fall. When that moment comes, your mind probably goes to your favorite part of the season. Perhaps you have visions of pumpkin spice lattes dancing in your head, or you see a rolling pumpkin patch full of orange fruit. Of course, you could immediately start daydreaming about fall fashion.

So many people love fall fashion, and for good reason: It’s equal parts cute and cozy with just the right amount of layering. One of the many ways to layer your fall looks is with tights, the perfect accessory for those of us who refuse to accept an entirely pants-centric wardrobe as soon as temperatures drop.

We’ve decided to spice things up a bit and gather four of the boldest ways to wear your favorite tights this fall. Fold these outfit ideas in with the ones you wear already, and voila: You’ve got a whole new fall wardrobe that you won’t want to let go of come winter.

Go Colorful

(via Instagram user freshfoodandfashion)

Let’s guess: You only wear black tights. Even if you dabble in navy tights or brown tights territory, you’re not taking as many risks as you can in the tights department. Try investing in a few bolder hues, like mustard tights shown above, this season and pair them with the neutral hues you usually choose for your legwear. The image above shows that they’re just as flattering, but a bit more eye-catching.

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Go Long

(via Harper’s Bazaar / Getty)

Taylor Swift’s extra-long jacket hides just about everything she’s wearing beneath it. This peek-a-boo style works because she’s wearing gray tights to keep her legs covered while being a bit more conservative. Replicate the look on your own with your favorite wool coat. It looks better with a colorful piece of outerwear.

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Go Sneaky

Tights with sneakers? It might be hard to believe, but this is one chic look if you get it right. The example photo above went a simpler route, matching her shoes, laces and black tights. However, you can also make your look stand out by choosing tights that contrast your custom, colorful laces or sneakers. Try it out with your favorite footwear to find the combination that feels most comfortable for you.

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Go Summery

(via Diego Zuko for Harper’s Bazaar)

Your favorite chiffon skirt and your trusted sundress are probably packed into the back of your closet come October. Tights allow you to wear your warm-weather wardrobe pieces into fall and, better yet, they make your summer pieces feel instantly fall ready. Tights and a sundress topped with a leather motorcycle jacket can go to Sunday brunch or casual Friday. The fashionista pictured above went a step further, layering a fall jacket and oxblood purse with a creamy pleated skirt that looks ready for a walk on the beach.

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The right combination lies within your closet – all you need is a bit of creativity and a pair of trusted tights.
Bold Tights For Fall