6 Cool Ways to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

6 Cool Ways to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

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6 Cool Ways to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

Air conditioning is sure to be up there with the Internet and sliced bread in the list of the greatest human inventions. However, running an AC unit all summer long will bring your electricity bills sky high. Therefore, finding ways to keep your house cool in the summer that don’t require enabling an electricity-devouring mammoth is a priority for the majority of people. Luckily, there are many budget solutions to this problem.

6 Ways to Keep Your House Cool on a Budget

  1. Close your windows with blinds or blackout curtains

Sunlight is nice, but it’s also warm. Blocking your windows is a great solution if you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the rooms and don’t need the light. This would be the cheapest way to keep your home cooler while you are away. It also enhances security, especially if you invest in sturdy blinds. Both blackout curtains and blinds should lower the heat by about 30%.

  1. Buy a pedestal fan

A pedestal fan (sometimes called ‘tower fan’) is an electrical appliance as well. However, compared to the 318 watts power consumption of an average AC unit, a fan’s 70 watts (at the highest setting) are a mere pittance. Note that if you pay attention when studying pedestal fan reviews, you’ll be able to find even more energy-efficient models.

You can make your fan produce a refreshing arctic breeze with a simple trick. Put a bowl of ice in front of the fan so the air hits it at an angle. This will provide w frosty breeze reminiscent of a crisp winter morning. No AC can compare to that.

  1. Swap your bedding and pillow

There are specialized pillows and even mattresses designed to keep cool in the summer. They are made from denser heat-resistant materials and often contain some specialized cooling gels. As for mattresses, the ‘coolest’ options are springs, gel, and latex.

Changing your sheets to light cotton will also help. So will lowering your mattress for that matter as cool air is heavier, so it’s always colder on the floor.

  1. Install LED lights

LED lights do not only offer tremendous savings on your electricity bills. They literally make your home cooler because these lightbulbs emit next to no heat. This great saving in power consumption will also allow you to run a fan longer on extremely hot days.

  1. Take out that BBQ more often

Grilled foods are healthier, tastier, and more fun to make. They also don’t require you to turn your kitchen into a hellish heat trap, courtesy of an oven running at 400F. Note that to grill healthily, you’ll need to choose veggies and lean meat over fatty pieces and sausages. You also should marinade the meat for no less than 2 hours and flip it often so it’s cooked through.

  1. Think like a strategist when opening windows

Contrary to a popular belief, opening all windows in the house wide won’t make the place cooler. In order to achieve that effect, you need to create a draft. As warm air is light and it rises naturally, you should open the windows downstairs on the most naturally shaded part of the house. Then, open the windows upstairs on the side that gets the most sunlight. Now you have a natural AC system with no investment at all.